Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun at the Party!

For James' birthday party, we had a baby pool party. I figured it was so hot, it would be nice for the kids to have a way to stay cool. Watching babies in a little pool is always funny anyways.
Here are some pictures from the event.


James' balloon cakes

Baby balloon cakes for the kiddos

Getting the backyard ready for fun and games

Thanks Mom Payne (Nonie), for helping me with my food!

Thanks Mom (Meme), for James' balloons!

Having fun in the baby pool

Friends: Dylan and Lorelei, and also cousin Julianna

I think the whale spout was a hit!

Happy Birthday to James!

"Hmmm... what's this?"

"maybe I will touch it?"

"Why is it so sticky on my hands?"

"Hmmm.. what does it taste like?"

Ok, this is as messy as James got. Not what I expected!

But he did love ice cream!

James adores his new blue chair from Granddad!

New sports balls!
(I loved how cousin Julianna helped narrate what was going on)

Finishing off the day with a little play time on the swing set.
Thanks for coming to James' First Birthday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

James is ONE YEAR!

Well, my little baby is officially a toddler now. (well, i don't know, I may be rushing that word a bit). James is changing so much right now. He has a goofy little grin because he has one tooth on the top trying to push through. (That makes tooth number 3!) Yesterday James officially took his first steps...... IN THE BATHTUB of all places!!! I put him in the bathtub on one end, and he just stood up, took about six baby steps, and made it too the other side of the tub to play with the faucet! Haha. Justin got to witness it too! Hopefully we will catch a video of it when he decides to walk somewhere OTHER than the bathtub. Here are his 12 month pictures.

12 months
weight: 18 lbs (he is finally back on the chart but still under 5th percentile)
length: 29 1/4 inches

He loves plopping all over the couch.
He definitely nose dives from time to time on the couch, but he has yet to fall off!

Being silly!
"Where's James?"

This is his new couch pose. I think he is copying his mommy and daddy!
(Trying to be a big kid)

More to come........