Monday, June 29, 2009

One Month Check-up

One month old
Today, James went for his one month check-up. He weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. and was 22.5 inches long. He had gained 21 oz. in 18 days and the Pediatrician was very happy with his progress. He was in the 50th percentile in his weight, and he remains in the 90th percentile in his height. He slept through the entire appointment. Things are going well, and he won't have to go again until his two month check-up.

Sleepy Time

James seems to enjoy taking naps with Justin. Occasionally Kramer will join in. Below are some pictures of a weekly nap position.

Past 2 weeks

Pictures from the past two weeks. Sorry we have fallen behind on the whole blog thing. It is all new to us.

James started in the middle of his boppy seat. We left him for a few seconds, and he managed to wiggle himself onto the floor.

One of his famous sleep positions. He loves his hand on his cheek.

Tummy time.

Tummy time with Daddy.

James taking his first bottle. We had to give it a trial run so Mommy & Daddy could go out for their anniversary date.

Nonie came to stay and was the first baby-sitter of little James.

Mandy & Justin before their 4 year anniversary date night. We went to the Rendezvous for dinner and then walked around and went to the top of the Peabody Hotel. Then back in time to feed James.

All curled up.

Friends Visit

Here are a few pictures of some friends who have come and visited over the past few weeks.

Amber Cole & Mandy. Amber lives down the street and has a one year old. Notice Mandy's Locks-of-Love hair cut. She got 10 inches cut off.

Taylor, Amber's one year old, helping us out by getting Kramer trained for toddlers.

Mandy, James, Ashley, and Greer. Greer is 7 weeks older than James, and they just moved to Jackson, MS. We will miss them very much.

Leanna and Chris Christian's first visit to see James. I don't think he left Leanna's arms all day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Warren Family Visit

The Warren Family came and visited Friday & Saturday afternoon.  They brought us lunch and we played games while passing James around. 

Rebecca was the first to hold James. 

Christian holding James.

Matthew & James.

Katie & James.

Julianna & James. 

Mandy holding James while watching the darts game in the garage.  

Kramer found two new best friends for the day.

The family playing games and eating watermelon on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Fish Family Visit

The Fish Family came early Friday morning to meet James.  

Anna Blair holding James

Leah & James

Josiah loves babies and enjoyed kissing James' head.

Ruth & James

Finally Cassie gets to hold her younger brothers first born.  

Tim holding James.  Caleb, Cassie's oldest, wasn't too interested in holding James.  Guess that happens when you are the oldest of 6 kids.

1st Bath & Tummy Time

Here are a few pictures of James' first bath and some tummy time.

Mandy & Meme (Mandy's mom) gave James his first bath while Daddy was at a rehearsal dinner.

James only has two or three PJ's that fit him, so Meme helped him out by getting him one more.  Like his bear ears?

Tummy time with Kramer.  Kramer is still doing great, and likes to give him a nice cow lick whenever he walks by.

Working on keeping that head up.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

James and Kramer's first encounter.  Kramer did great and loves watching out for his new brother.

Might be on the front of the next family Christmas card?

Nonie & Pops (Justin's parents) visiting from Franklin, TN.  

Nonie meeting her 11th Grandchild.

Pops holding James.  What a wonderful name, huh?

Pops usual position with the grandkids.

James and Kramer.  This was obviously a pose, not a normal position (yet).

"The Thinker"

Meme playing with James and Anthony.

The sister's and their husbands.  Mario and Justin have birthday's within a week of each other, so we celebrated it while the whole family was in town.

First time out of the house.  Look at that happy family.

Hospital Stay

Dad enjoying time with his boy. That's one happy Father. :)

Meme's first hold (Mandy's Mom).  Michelle (Mandy's sister) & Papa (Mandy's Dad) look on. 

Papa proudly holding James

Meme handing James over to Granddad (Mandy's Grandfather)

James meeting cousin Anthony.  

Melanie (Mandy's twin), Mario and Anthony hanging out with James.

The hospital has a company that takes pictures of newborns and sells them to parents and family.  We decided to keep him in his "pose" and take some pictures of our own.

James holding on to Mommy's hand.

Mommy and James heading out of the hospital.

On our way home.  The Jason's Deli delivery lady kindly took our picture for us.