Wednesday, November 17, 2010

James is 17 months!

James' 17 month pose:

Wow....James is still our busy busy busy busy busy little boy. He passed through that last horrible teething stage, and recently has been soooo much fun to be around. Justin and I just sit at the dinner table and laugh and laugh and laugh while James entertains us. It's interesting how children go through a good stage, then a rough one, then another good one, then another rough one. I love the good ones!

Meme got James these sunglasses. He didn't keep them on for long, but he sure hammed it up for the time he was wearing them!

Lounging at Meme's house

This isn't the best picture of James, but I just wanted to show you all how close these two buddies are still. I almost cry sometimes when I watch them play, because Kramer is seriously like a big brother to James. Kramer puts up with a lot, since James has recently starting ear and tail pulling. Kramer only whimpers and then licks James in the face to say, "Ok, i'm getting you back!"

We have been listening to James' babbling for quite some time now. But this month, we have been able to pick out words and even phrases at times. Justin and I are just positive that he keeps saying, "I got it" while playing with a ball. He is able to imitate things we say more clearly now too. He also says "dank du" (thank you) without being prompted many times! When you ask James a yes or no question, he immediately responds with "No". It's so funny. An old man working at Kroger saw that James was having just a dandy good time riding in the red car in front of the shopping cart, and the man asked James..."Well, are you just having a great day?" James quickly answered loud and clear, NO. The man was stunned and said, "Well, maybe tomorrow you will have a better day." Hahahaha. I was rolling with laughter.

James is running quite fast now and loves to be chased.
He loves keys and sticks them in any hole he can find.
He does this funny "stomp" when he is dancing (wish it was on video)
He can do most of the motions to "happy and you know it", "itsy bitsy spider", and "wheels on the bus".
He is getting VERY (I'd say too much) attached to Puppy and Paci.
His diet consists mainly of cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken, lunchmeat, cheese, yogurt, scrambled eggs, cheerios, goldfish, bagels (I promise, mom!), green beans, frozen peas, french fries, raisens, strawberries (any berry), bananas, and finally apples!
And my favorite: when other people are taking care of him, and then all of a sudden he sees either mommy or daddy, he will run up to us as fast as he can and give us a huge hug. JUST LOVE IT!

Here are some videos.
This first one is at Meme's house. He is playing with Michelle's cat, Cali, and having a blast.

This video shows how hard James and Daddy play before bed. I used to tell Justin, "please don't get him too wound up". Then we found out, the harder he is wound up before bed, the harder he crashes once in the bed. Thanks Daddy!

And this one is James doing the motions to "If you're happy and you know it". Please excuse my poor singing!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mom's Birthday

In mid- October, we celebrated my mom's birthday. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, again, MOM!
My mom and I have always been close, but it is so neat to see how our mother/daughter relationship grew once I had James. My mom absolutely ADORES James. And that makes my heart smile. My mom loves being Meme. I don't know what I would do without her.
She takes James away from me and the house when I get sick, she takes care of James when I work, she picks up little gifts all the time when she thinks James might like them, she plays hard with him and is always on the floor with him. I love watching them together.
Thanks, Mom, for all you are to our family !!!

Well, for my mom's birthday, we decided to go bowling, then back to my house for gifts and cake! We took James with us....that was an experience! ha. Everyone took turns chasing him around and making sure he didn't slide down the bowling lanes!

Dad's turn!...

While I bowled.

Now Dad's turn to bowl...

My brother in law, Josh's, turn

Justin's turn

Mom's turn

Now Mom and Justin watch James

My sister, Michelle's, turn
And so on and so on for two games.
It was fun!

Then on to my house for dessert! And a surprise!
Justin and I gave my mom a card AFTER she opened our gift.
The card looked like this...

Yay! Meme was so surprised!
Most of you know, but yes, Justin and I are expecting another little one on June 21, 2011.