Saturday, September 29, 2012

3rd Generation Bunk Beds

At 3 years old, we were still having trouble with James' sleeping habits.  Usually, he would take a 2 hour nap from around 1-3, and then we would try to put him down for bed around 8pm.  Boy, that kid just wasn't tired yet!  And when you are a three year old boy and you are not tired, it doesn't make too much sense to stay in the bed.  At first, we went the discipline route, with lots of spankings, taking stuffed animals away, etc.  After many nights of two hour struggles, we realized that all we were getting out of this was an extremely upset toddler going to bed at 10pm and two emotionally exhausted parents.  Needless to say we decided to come up with a new plan.

In the past, we had tried to shorten James' nap time, but he would always be in a terrible mood after we woke him up.  So, we decided to take out nap time all together, and that way he would be super tired by bed time.  But, we would make sure he had his quiet time for an hour each day in his room where he could play by himself, and Mommy could rest too :).

Another thing we realized might help James stay in bed better was to make bed time more fun some how.  What would be better fun than to BUNK his beds and let him sleep on the top!?

These bunk beds are special because they have been in Justin's family for so long.  First, Justin's dad and his brother, Uncle Paul, slept in them when they were boys.  Next, Justin and his sister, Rachel, used them.  And now, another generation later, James is sleeping on them!  (and actually cousins have used them too!)

James was soooo excited to sleep in his "new" bed.
And it definitely kept him from getting out of the bed so much.
And, now he goes to bed around 7:30pm, no problem.  And an added bonus is that Reese goes to bed at 7:30 too.  :)  (I actually have energy to clean up the kitchen now!)

Room time has worked great too.  Usually James just plays in his room and comes out when the timer goes off.  Sometimes, he truly does need a little nap, and he will fall asleep on his floor while playing, and wake up "on his own" when the timer goes off.  That way, he is not in a bad mood since Mommy is not waking him up, and he gets his cat nap in.

And now that James doesn't nap often, if we are ever in the car around nap time, he can't help but fall asleep.  The motion of the car is just too peaceful :)

So that's where we are with that during this stage of life!  

4th of July, 2012

We came back to Memphis actually on the 4th of July, and our sweet friends Lindsey and Luke Coplin asked us if we wanted to come by for dinner that night.  Definitely! 

The Coplins' little girl is Adele, and she is in between James and Reese's ages.  They played so well together!

Reese trying to get around in her dress :)

During dinner Reese loved seeing herself in the mirror :)

This is how Adele ate her corn on the cob that night!  haha!

During the evening we got a family photo.

Good time with family, good time with friends ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Country Dancing!

One evening in Nashville, all the adults decided to go out on the town!!  Nonie and Pops offered to put kids to bed at their house, and Caleb and Anna Blair put kids to bed at Cassie's house.  We decided to go LINE DANCING!! Whoo hoo!

Group shot before we left Cassie's
(Warrens, Harrisons, Paynes, Fishes, Campbells)

Another picture before we loaded up the Fish's 12 passenger van!!

Cassie and Rachel in downtown Nashville :)

We went to the Wild Horse Saloon

All the girls, ready to start dancing!
(I love all my sisters!)

Can't remember who was singing, but he was good.

Katie, Cassie, and Rachel putting the moves on the dance floor!

Rachel and I danced quite a bit :)
(I just wish I had remembered more dances from childhood!  I had to relearn so much!)

Sometimes, it was just the two of us out on the floor!
(I kind of look like I am doing the "robot")

Finally the guys got out there and danced too!

I don't think you can see me making my funny face through the crowd, but it's there!  We had a blast!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Leipers Fork Fun

Some more sweet pictures:

Here is the picture of all the kids in Uncle Tim's tractor!
How precious!  And what a great memory.

Just going for a ride!

Me with Adde and Reese :)

Having fun at Dad's retirement dinner.  Luau Style!!

Pops and Nonie

After Dad's retirement dinner, we all went to the front porch for some live entertainment and presentation of a gift.

The five girls made up a beautiful dance to music and performed it for the family.
(Cousins:  Rebecca, Ruth, Leah, Julianna, and Anna Blair)

Justin thought it might be special to Pops if we gave him a clock, just like the one his dad (Papa Payne) had sitting on his mantel when Pops was a little boy.  It is a Seth Thomas vintage clock and is special because it would chime at the end of each sailor's shift.  Papa and Mimi Payne received their clock as a wedding gift from the USS Indianapolis when Papa was in the Navy!

I think Pops likes it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

July Fun in Nashville

At the start of July, we went to Nashville to visit family and also to surprise Dad with a party to celebrate his retirement!!!  I always feel so blessed when I come back from Nashville because I love this family sooo much!

Spending time with Papa Blair

The girls hanging out at Aunt Cassie's house

Uncle Tim let the kids ride in his tractor, but I think a couple of adults had just as much fun as the kids!
First Eric took his turn.

Then Justin drove James around :)

Such a great moment :)

James and Lydia are good buddies

We spent some quality time at Nonie's house :)
And got ready for Pop's surprise retirement party!

A little light reading :)

Having fun in the pool

James FINALLY got used to being in the water rather than just walking around the pool.
He LOVED jumping to Daddy.

Sure!  Two kids jumping at one time!  Ruth and James had a great time with Justin.

Eric playing with Payne :)

A bit of flying

I love Josiah's grin here :)

How many floats does Adde have on??!


So much fun swimming with all the cousins :)

Practicing kicking??

Happy Retirement Pops!