Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More in Oklahoma!

We had so much fun with the Harrisons the rest of Spring Break week in March.

We played at a playground!
Awesome play equipment there!

Payne having fun

Reese tackling the smaller slides ; )

At Rachel's house, Uncle Eric gave the kids a ride behind his mower.
They LOVED it!

They rode to a neighbor's house to feed the horses!

Back inside, James inspects how well Payne is lining up his blocks.
Wouldn't you give anything to be a part of this conversation!?
Actually, I have no idea which boy lined up the blocks, but both do it ALL the time!

More outside time! 
Playing in what used to be the vegetable garden.

Another neighbor's house had a small swing set that the kiddos loved.

These two look happy!

The boys play in the pile of leaves.

James gets to pretend on Uncle Eric's mower.

Just hanging out and relaxing on a beautiful afternoon.

Oh she cracks me up sometimes!

One evening we went outside after dinner to do s'mores!
Payne and Adde were making me laugh.
It was chilly, so they decided to get bundled up!

Well, except for shoes of course!

What a great fire!

Sweet Harrison Family

All of us!

And crash every night at bedtime ;)

Rachel, we had such a great time visiting your Oklahoma home!

James STILL prays at dinner, thanking God for Adde and Payne and the little train.
We created some very memorable memories!

Visiting the Harrisons

For the second half of Justin's spring break, we traveled from Mel's house in Texas, to Rachel's house in Oklahoma!  It was the first time we had visited the Harrisons since they had moved there.  It was so great seeing where they live and get to spend some good time with them.
The kids were so excited to see Adde and Payne!

Adde, Reese, James, and Payne

We did lots of fun things while we stayed there, but first I have to talk about the "Little Train".
There is an old man who has built an entire miniature train and railroad at his house!  
It is adorable and you can ride on it!  
Here are some photos of our adventure that day.

Checking out the train right when we got there!

Our ride on the train!  It goes for about a mile!

Choo Choo!

The man had hilarious little things to look at along the way.
This is the Peepee Tepee!

One of many signs!

The kids just loved it.

He showed James his tractors

And he let the kids look at his cars he built to ride alone on the track!

The kiddos actually got to try these out!
They used their hands to make the cars go along the track

So fun!  They went all the way around again!

And Adde had to get a picture with Rachel and the witch!
(it's a little hand built cabin with a witch inside)
She told James about this witch long before we ever got there.  
Adde told James that lots of kids were scared of it...kinda made James nervous about it too!

James wouldn't go in, but he did finally get a picture with Adde outside of the little cabin.

More fun Oklahoma adventures to come!

Monday, June 24, 2013

While still in TX

We stayed at Mel and Mario's house for half a week and had a great time!

We walked to the park several times.

I think they call this rock "gum rock" because of all the chewed gum on it, but it's a really cute picture spot!

The boys sliding all together at the play ground.

Over and over and over again!

Little Reese tried to keep up!

Back at the house, the boys watched some monster truck videos on Justin's phone

The last morning there, we also went to downtown McKinney.

Aren't these two cute?
Lucas and James

Trying to get a good smiling pose :)

The silly picture is always easy to get!  Haha!!

We had such a great time and can't wait to see the Mamminas again!

Anthony's 5th Birthday

We traveled back to Texas for cousin Anthony's 5th birthday party.  This was going to be a very special one because family and a few friends were going to get to ride on a REAL TRAIN!  James was so incredibly excited.

We drove to Grapevine to board this vintage train!

The whole family

Playing near the old train before we boarded the Grapevine Railroad

Us with the birthday boy!

Just our little family on the old train

It was a cool morning :)

All the kiddos

When we boarded, a real conductor punched our tickets!

Justin and me ;)

Dad and Mom

Josh and Michelle

Mario and Mel

James was just mesmerized.
He stared out the window the entire train ride.

We missed naps, so at one point Reese got a little sleepy :)

We stopped at a town for lunch and first went to a petting zoo!

James loved feeding the animals

We also ate lunch in town at a bbq place.

Such a sweet family :)

Melanie made home made strawberry cupcakes for Anthony.

Reese loved them too.

It was an incredible day celebrating Anthony.

More Texas fun to come :)