Monday, June 24, 2013

Anthony's 5th Birthday

We traveled back to Texas for cousin Anthony's 5th birthday party.  This was going to be a very special one because family and a few friends were going to get to ride on a REAL TRAIN!  James was so incredibly excited.

We drove to Grapevine to board this vintage train!

The whole family

Playing near the old train before we boarded the Grapevine Railroad

Us with the birthday boy!

Just our little family on the old train

It was a cool morning :)

All the kiddos

When we boarded, a real conductor punched our tickets!

Justin and me ;)

Dad and Mom

Josh and Michelle

Mario and Mel

James was just mesmerized.
He stared out the window the entire train ride.

We missed naps, so at one point Reese got a little sleepy :)

We stopped at a town for lunch and first went to a petting zoo!

James loved feeding the animals

We also ate lunch in town at a bbq place.

Such a sweet family :)

Melanie made home made strawberry cupcakes for Anthony.

Reese loved them too.

It was an incredible day celebrating Anthony.

More Texas fun to come :)

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