Saturday, August 31, 2013

18.5 Week Appointment

On May 31st, I had my 18.5 week doctor appointment and ULTRASOUND!
Justin went with me so we could see the baby together ;)
And he could help me stay firm in our decision to NOT find out the gender :)

Baby bump at 18 weeks

My weight:  136 lbs
Baby's heart rate:  150
Placenta is in a good location.  So far, no worries of previa.  

Our sweet little baby :)

I just love how clear this picture is.
Can't wait to meet baby "Cartwright"!

After the Party

After our morning Pump It Up party, we came back to the house to relax.

James with Nonie and Pops :)
Maybe Reese already began her nap?
Thanks Nonie and Pops for coming to the party!

After naps, more family came over to watch James and Reese open gifts.
Anthony and Lucas came too!

New Pink Rain Boots!

Travel Bingo!

A new Beach Towel!

Fruit to cut :)

And a New Big Wheel from Meme and Papa!

Giving Papa a thank you hug ;)

Testing out the big wheel! 
James loves it!

While Melanie and Mario and the boys were in town, we played at different places!

We went to the splash park to meet our friend Kelly and play with her kids!
So much fun ;)
Lyla, Reese, Anthony, Lucas, James, and Parker

We also played at home.
The boys love riding in the Hummer

And playing in the sand.
Hmmm....looks like James might have broken the rule of not dumping sand on people.  Anthony has sand all over his head!  Haha.

Thank you to all family who came in town to celebrate James' and Reese's birthdays.
It wouldn't be the same without you!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pump It Up Party!

After going to other friends' birthday parties at Pump It Up, Justin decided that when James was 4 and Reese was 2, we would have a double party at Pump It Up.  We knew how much fun James had always had there, so we figured when Reese was 2, she would be able to handle all the slides ;)
This was their FIRST friend party!

We had it on May 25th which is Justin's birthday, but Justin didn't mind pushing his off a few days ;)

At Pump It Up and waiting on guests!

Family picture :)

And the party begins!  Reese loved going down slides with Daddy!
So glad the fathers all got to play too!

Good smiles :)

Our neighbor and friend, Brooke, with her 2 year old son, Austin

Uncle Mario comes down the slide with Anthony!

Such fun :)

Now it's time for Lucas and James to wrestle with Uncle Mario

Aunt Mel with Lucas

Daddy tries to see how high he can jump!

Mrs. Brooke tries too!
(boy the adults are having fun :)

More sliding, this time backwards!

Hadley was a little unsure, but Travis helped her warm up to some fun!

Friend from church, Blake, loved the Little Tykes car

We loved visiting with our good friends :)
Melanie got to see Kelly and her sweet baby ;)

Justin and I got to hang out a little with our great friends, Tara and Brad Thornton.  They will be moving to Chicago soon so we love seeing them every chance we get!

All the Mommies :)
Good friends from church

My two sweet sisters

The Rockholt Family!

Justin with Brad

Kat and Bobby Jordan with Emmett!
(Bobby coaches with Justin)

Me with Mom, Michelle, and Mel

This is the usual position we find Papa and Pops :)

A great group shot of all James' and Reese's friends.

While the kids played, Mom and I went into the party room to set up for cake and ice-cream :)

Reese's Dora Cake

James' Monster Truck Cake

The Gifts

Juice boxes on the fun colored table cloths that mom got :)

Mom also picked up some great balloons to have at the party!

Ready to serve the guests!

But first, a picture in the Birthday Throne!

Time to sing Happy Birthday!
James blows out his candles ;)

Reese needed a little help with her candles :)

Time to eat!

Anthony, James, Lucas, and Reese chow down!

And one last picture of James with his best buddy, Brad :)

Thanks to all our friends and family who made this day so special for James and Reese :)