Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last year of my 20's!!!

My birthday was December 17th. I was born in 1980. THAT MAKES ME 29 THIS YEAR! I can't believe that this is the last year of my twenties.

I was watching TV with Justin one day and I saw some cheerleaders on a commercial. I turned to Justin and said, "Gosh, those girls look too old to be cheerleaders! They've got to be like thirty years old!".... Then I turned to Justin with a scared look on my face and said....."I mean, they look like 40 year olds! 40!!!"

I can't be that old yet. I have been running in some 5k races, and it seems that the female winner is always in her 3o's! That gives me hope.

Well, God has been soooo good to a very undeserving girl these past ten years. At twenty, I was at Mississippi College studying art, a life passion of mine. I had (and still have) incredible parents at home who have been Godly examples for me to follow. I had a sweet younger sister back home that I missed so bad and knew one day we would be close again! I had a twin sister that was my literally my best friend in college.

Then I met my funny, ocd, loving future husband, Justin. And in my mid-twenties, we finished college and got married. We first lived in an apartment, payed off debt, moved into our first house, and "got" our first child, a beautiful chocolate lab.

In my late twenties, we have had the opportunity to travel to different places with our families, develop lasting friendships with amazing people, enjoy teaching together at an incredible middle school (ECS), and last but not least, have our own first adorable baby boy! Life just couldn't be any better.

Thanks to ALL of you who have made my life soooo amazing. Again, God is an awesome God.

Justin made me a delicious fruit pie! I love the mix of fruit and sweet sugar cookie, and the dish always looks so beautiful. Thank you thoughtful husband of mine! He also brought home some beautiful pink roses.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving in Franklin!

Justin, James, and I headed to Franklin, TN for Thanksgiving this year!
We had such a great time with family, and we are always reminded how much we have to be thankful for. We are so blessed! God is so good!

Hanging out at Nonie and Pop's house

James had sweet potatoes for the first time and LOVED them.
(although you might not be able to tell from his face.. haha)

He was SOOO sleepy after eating.
We thought he just might fall asleep in Nonie's arms!

Playing with cousin Julianna

Cousins Anna Blair, Rebecca, and Lydia

Two of the best babysitters in Nashville!

Cousin Josiah LOVED James.
He was so sweet with him.

Leah did a great job playing with James

Can you tell how much fun he was having??

Ok, aren't these two kiddos sweet together?
James looks like he has his arm around cousin Lydia.
(It took a while to get this pose!)

Lydia totally looks like she is pinning James down!
James got beat by a girl!
Ok, no one can hold this one against him...Lydia is four months older than James!
(and can you tell they are the same size?)

This is Jingle Bell. James loved her like he loves all dogs.
I think she is wondering how to make that blanket her special spot!

Goal accomplished!

Well, as if taking James spot wasn't enough, Bell decided to try and steal Kramer's raw hide.

So proud of herself....up high on the couch where Kramer isn't allowed.
(she's a smart one)

Haha.. I love this picture.
Kramer came over to sniff out the scene, and Bell gave him her meanest snarl!

Great spending time with everyone! We love you guys!

Monday, December 7, 2009

James is Baptized

James was baptized at Second Presbyterian Church on November 22, 2009.
Before God, our family, our friends, and other believers in the church, Justin and I dedicated James to God and promised to bring James up in the loving discipline of the Lord. We promised to pray for James, teach him the Scriptures, and guide him so that one day he will understand his need for Jesus and will ask the Lord to be his Savior.

Special moment before James was baptized

Banks Still was baptized the same day!
(This sweet boy is two months younger than James.)
Note the size difference!

James with Papa
(Sorry mom, I guess I only took a picture of you and James with your camera and not mine!!!)

James with Nonie and Pops

James with Uncle Josh and Aunt Michelle

James knows his Aunt Michelle ROCKS!

Thanks to everyone who shared in this experience with us!
We love all of you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

James is Six Months!

James turned SIX months old a few days ago.
I can't believe it....time has just FLOWN by.
These past few months have been so much fun.
Justin and I are so blessed to have this adorable, happy baby.

Here is his six month pose.
He weighs 13 lbs 14 oz
His height is 27 in

Can you tell I had trouble posing him this time? He kept wanting to eat Uga!

Just being silly in his pajamas. He is just so stinkin' cute!

Best friends just hangin out :)

Such a sweet hug

Do you think these two will be trouble makers together in the future?

Practicing sitting! He can sit for just a bit,
and then one excited movement will make him fall over!
Below is a video of his effort:

PEAS!!!! Ok, Justin and I have prided ourselves over our son's eating habits. James took his first bite of rice cereal with ease and actually wanted more. Over Thanksgiving, we gave him sweet potatoes, and he LOVED them. Well, last night, I ran out of sweet potatoes, so I decided to open his first container of green peas and have James give them a try.
OH MY GOODNESS.... well, just take a look!