Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nonie and James

Nonie came in town last week for some PEO meetings and got to spend some time with James!

James at almost 4 months with Nonie.
Nonie is actually back in Memphis again, and soon Pops will be here too!
We will take more pictures and post them!

For the past week, James has decided he likes to sleep with his "lovies" over his face. Sometimes his entire face is covered and it scares me to death! Thank goodness this time he only covered his eyes for the most part. Nonie me made feel better when she told me Rachel's story (Rachel is Justin's sister). Rachel's daughter, Addelyn, used to do the same thing when she was James' age. Except she would put a huge, thick blanket over her whole head! I wonder why some babies like things over their face??

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Discoveries

James has been discovering a couple of new things lately.

He found his feet and has been sooo interested in them.

Last night, he actually figured out he could put his foot in his mouth!
(excuse the dirty diaper in the background)

I just put his jumper together, and we gave it a try. He was in wonderland.

Of course, he is not really ready for it. The box said 4 months, and James is about 3 1/2 months. But he seemed to be ok.....I just had to make sure he didn't topple over.

You can see here that his feet don't even touch yet. Even with how tall he is. And the jumper is on the lowest setting. His toes should be touching the ground according to the instructions.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chick-Fil-A Outing

Yesterday, we found out that if you go in Chick-Fil-A wearing some article of clothing of your favorite sports team, you got a FREE chicken sandwich! Well, we were not going to pass up free food and a chance to show off our love for GEORGIA! So all of us, except for Kramer, went to Chick-Fil-A.

The whole family sporting Georgia attire!

Like father like son

You can't be married to Justin and not be a Georgia fan yourself!

James says, "Go DAWGS!"

That's right! I asked the cashier if James got a free sandwich since he was sporting his favorite team, and the guy didn't even blink an eye. James got his own free sandwich that Justin ate for lunch at school today! Haha

This is just a picture of Justin playing outside with James and Kramer.
James loves to "fly".

Well, my sweet baby used to be an incredible sleeper, but the 45 minute intruder has crept in and sure enough on the dot, James wakes up after every 45 mins. Do you let him cry it out? Do you run in and put his paci back in? Do you just get him up? We have tried it all, and are still working on it.

One reason James wakes up is because he rolls over onto his tummy and won't lay his head down! Well, FINALLY today, he put his head down and went back to sleep! (That only lasted 15 mins, but it's a start!)