Thursday, April 12, 2012

Germantown Half Marathon 2012

On Sunday, March 18th, 2012, I ran the Germantown Half Marathon.
I trained really hard for this race hoping to reach my goal of running 13.1 miles in 2 hours or less, which would be close to a 9 min pace per mile. My good friend, Amber, trained with me and ran the race with me, keeping me on pace! During the race, around miles 5-7, I got a terrible side stitch that made my race a miserable run. Good thing for Amber's encouragement, or I might have just bailed out.....I haven't been in that kind of pain in a long time, nausea, headache, cramping side, dead legs.....What happened to me???!

Well, I finished the race close to my goal time and came in at 2 hours 6 minutes (2:06:52). I was happy with that because it is my best time for a half marathon. Maybe next time I can get under 2 hours!

Justin brought the kids to cheer us on!

Look how happy Amber is! She was feeling so great and could have run this sooo much faster. But she stayed by my side the whole time. What a great friend! Look at my face....I needed the encouragement! haha.

This is where I see Justin and the kids and I manage a smile...barely :)

It's amazing how family supporting you can make you feel so much better...I only had .1 of a mile left to go!

Of course, it was a slight incline...

ahhh...done and resting with my babies ;)

Me and Amber. Did I mention what a great friend she is?

Michelle and Josh came to support me too! They camped out in the back of Josh's truck around mile 6. I could hear Josh yelling out my name! What a big help.

My sweet husband. Seeing him seriously helped me finish strong. I probably would not have PRd this day if he had not been there at the end of the race :)

Love this crew!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rectus Diastasis

I have been so frustrated with my tummy after having Reese.

I have run 2 half marathons and have done plenty of core workouts and lots of abs, but it still looks like I am 4 months pregnant. The rest of my body is back to normal and starting to tone well, and my weight has dropped to below where it was when I got pregnant with Reese, but the "ball" won't go away.

This picture was taken 9 months after giving birth to Reese, and it hasn't changed much in the last month either. :(

So I went to my doctor and she told me that I had Rectus Diastasis, which means that there is still a separation between my abdominal muscles. Pretty much, my abs didn't fuse back together and I don't know if they ever will! Sounds like the only way to correct it, if they don't go back together, is surgery. I don't mean to sound vain. And I don't mean to complain....just venting, I guess. I am going to try to be patient, and just see if it takes much longer than I am giving it, but in the mean time....I'm just plain frustrated.