Sunday, July 31, 2011

101 Ways to Have Fun in the Hospital!

There is only so much you can do when you are on bed rest in the hospital. And there is only so much a 2 year old visitor can do as well! Thank goodness I had wheelchair privileges. For 30 minutes one time a day, I could get out of my bed, hop in a wheelchair, and have someone push me around inside or outside. This was so great for James since he loves being outdoors. And I sure did appreciate the fresh air and the different views.

James loved sitting in his own wheelchair occasionally.
Even now, any time James sees a wheelchair, he points to it and says "mommy chair". HA!

Usually James would ride in my lap and we would go outside the hospital, through the pretty garden...

...and to the pond to watch and feed the ducks!

Justin would take James in the grassy areas where my wheelchair couldn't go.

really watching :)

I don't know if you can see, but if you look closely, the duck to the right is hiding her babies under her wing. You can see a little spot of yellow :)

Since I was in the hospital for six weeks, we got to see the babies grow and swim and get bigger!

Sometimes James would try changing things up and ride on my wheelchair's leg rest!

Here is a video of us feeding the geese. James went back and forth eating the bread and then throwing some to the geese:

Another thing we would do at the hospital is throw pennies in the fountain.

Throwing pennies with daddy

We sure did throw a lot of pennies in there!

When Justin and I just wanted to try to sit and talk, we would let James sit in my bed and eat a snack and watch Thomas the Train.

Here is a video of Justin and James running through the curtain in the room. Like I said...we found as many things as possible to keep this kid happy while visiting those few days each week!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Never Missed a Beat

Justin and James never missed a beat during those six weeks of my stay at the hospital. (This was largely due to all the help we received!) Justin found ways to keep James occupied.
They did things away from home:

Bike rides on the Green Line

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for Mother's Day at Barnes and Noble

Wheww! All that "going" can make a little one sleepy!

Justin also took James to Chick Fil A for lunch one weekend.
This video is hilarious! James loves to watch it over and over and laughs at himself.

Justin also took James to his good friend, Taylor's, birthday party!
Taylor with her mommy, Amber

Having such a good time, James lost his shoe!

Taylor's daddy, Brad...The Grill Master!

James with Taylor's little brother, Law.
James and Law are such good buddies!

Loving that ice cream!

Justin and James also found lots to do at home to make the time pass:

James helped Daddy with school work

Playing in the toy room

Playing in the bath

Going for walks

Playing with the neighbor kids

And Justin was given this awesome train table complete with trains and tracks for James to play with! Justin spent forever cleaning it and setting it up for James.

Nonie (Justin's mom) came in town for a week to watch James while Justin was at work.
By the way! Where are pictures of my sweet people who took care of James..Nonie, Mom, Dad, Amber! I don't think I have any!!! Sad.
Well, here is a video of James playing with Nonie's weights. Nonie did her arm exercises every day and James must have watched intently, because he sure looks like he knows what he is doing!

And Justin got this video of James....we are both not sure what he is doing. We think he is saying "3-2-1 Bye Bye!", but we are not certain. We have no clue where he picked it up. Maybe James just made it up, but it's kinda cute and funny anways :)

And I wanted to throw these pictures in this post as well. Justin's sweet homeroom at ECS, as well as some teachers, threw him a surprise Baby Shower for Reese! They made him a cake, brought tons of diapers, and some even brought individual gifts! What an incredible community of people who desire to serve the Lord!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bed Time and Sweet Messages

Bed time is often very challenging, but Justin did so well with James during my hospital stay. They got into a great routine and made it special with reading books, praying, and saying "I love you" and "goodnight". Justin would always send me these bed time pictures so I would feel a little more like I was there with them :)

Sweet picture of Justin and James before bed.

Getting sleepy while using Kramer as a pillow ;)

Sitting in Kramer's lap before bed

These videos are messages that Justin would send me from James. It was so sweet to hear James' voice each night. So precious.

James also started this thing where Justin would lay him down for bed or nap, and after Justin leaves the room, James stands up in bed, turns ON the light, and lays back down and goes to sleep. He still does it sometimes to this day, and we don't really know why. I don't see how he can sleep with that much light on, but I guess he is more comfortable that way. Later someone will sneak into his room and turn the light back off! Ha.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bad News of Bed Rest

My pregnancy was a very interesting journey this year. Around 19 weeks, we had our ultrasound which revealed we were having a little girl. But what the ultrasound also revealed was that I had complete placenta previa. This is when the placenta entirely covers the cervix, and usually results in a C-section. The risk involved is that I could begin to bleed too much during my pregnancy, and my life or the baby's life would be in serious danger. I had orders to carry on a normal life, but to take it easy. How does one take it easy with a 2 year old?!

Well, around 30 weeks, I had two bleeding episodes at home. After the second one, my doctor told me to stay put at the hospital for 6 weeks of bed rest! We would try to keep contractions to a minimum which would keep me from having another episode in the hospital. What an emotional roller coaster. I was happy to be in the hospital to protect my sweet unborn girl. But I was so sad to leave Justin and James and see them so few times each week. On top of that, I couldn't stand that I had to leave Justin to take care of EVERYTHING at home.

We were so blessed to have so much help. My parents, Justin's mom, Michelle, my friend Amber, and others helped to take care of James while Justin was at work, teaching and coaching. ECS teachers and parents provided meals for Justin almost EVERY DAY for the whole six weeks! And my sweet friends at church brought me lunches here and there so that I would not have to eat hospital food for every meal. My nurses were also amazing and helped me to feel at home in my hospital room. God was the ULTIMATE PROVIDER the entire time I had to be there.

I have more to write, but here are some pictures to start off the journey!

James came to visit me in the hospital 3-4 times a week. Sometimes he would sit with me in my hospital bed and have a snack or watch Thomas the Train. Each week I could see all the little ways he was changing and growing up. I was so sad to know that I was missing this at home. But I sure loved my time with him each chance I could get!

Justin was so amazing through it all. He worked sometimes 10 hours then picked up James and either took him home to get him fed and ready for bed, or he would bring him to see me at the hospital. James sure became Daddy's Little Guy. They definitely bonded even more in a short amount of time.

Eating lunch one afternoon and just hanging out :)

At home in Daddy's car, getting ready to go see Mommy!

James did a lot of his normal things at home...still loving on his best friend and loyal companion.

Justin was such a good Daddy and always just played hard with James after work and before bed. They stayed outside a lot. Justin left the house work and school work for after James went to bed. It made for some late nights for Justin, but it sure helped James to just have fun with Daddy and miss Mommy less. (it made mommy feel good to know they were having fun too!)

to be continued...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rachel's Visit Part 2

I love these pictures.
Miss you all!
Rachel, Adde, Payne (and Eric!)....Can't wait to see yall again!

Some of the cousins! Most of the youngest ones.

Leah loves holding babies. Payne was so sweet and happy.

Relaxing at Aunt Cassie's

Anna Blair with James.
She always takes such good care of him ;)

Josiah and me!

Leah and me!

Love this picture!

Justin with Lydia, Adde, and James

Nonie with Payne

"I love my daddy"
(James is wearing a t-shirt that Justin wore when he was 2)

Rachel, Adde, and Payne with Papa Blair

Kiddos all dressed up for church:)

Nonie and Pops with the Harrisons

Family Pic!

James had to get his "chair ride" with Papa Blair.
Thanks Papa!

Love this!
James with Papa Blair

All of us with Papa

I think in this one we were all doing the "cheese!"

Haha! Not sure what these two are doing, but I'd say it's a good picture to end on :)
Boy, Pops and James look like they are up to something!