Friday, July 29, 2011

Never Missed a Beat

Justin and James never missed a beat during those six weeks of my stay at the hospital. (This was largely due to all the help we received!) Justin found ways to keep James occupied.
They did things away from home:

Bike rides on the Green Line

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for Mother's Day at Barnes and Noble

Wheww! All that "going" can make a little one sleepy!

Justin also took James to Chick Fil A for lunch one weekend.
This video is hilarious! James loves to watch it over and over and laughs at himself.

Justin also took James to his good friend, Taylor's, birthday party!
Taylor with her mommy, Amber

Having such a good time, James lost his shoe!

Taylor's daddy, Brad...The Grill Master!

James with Taylor's little brother, Law.
James and Law are such good buddies!

Loving that ice cream!

Justin and James also found lots to do at home to make the time pass:

James helped Daddy with school work

Playing in the toy room

Playing in the bath

Going for walks

Playing with the neighbor kids

And Justin was given this awesome train table complete with trains and tracks for James to play with! Justin spent forever cleaning it and setting it up for James.

Nonie (Justin's mom) came in town for a week to watch James while Justin was at work.
By the way! Where are pictures of my sweet people who took care of James..Nonie, Mom, Dad, Amber! I don't think I have any!!! Sad.
Well, here is a video of James playing with Nonie's weights. Nonie did her arm exercises every day and James must have watched intently, because he sure looks like he knows what he is doing!

And Justin got this video of James....we are both not sure what he is doing. We think he is saying "3-2-1 Bye Bye!", but we are not certain. We have no clue where he picked it up. Maybe James just made it up, but it's kinda cute and funny anways :)

And I wanted to throw these pictures in this post as well. Justin's sweet homeroom at ECS, as well as some teachers, threw him a surprise Baby Shower for Reese! They made him a cake, brought tons of diapers, and some even brought individual gifts! What an incredible community of people who desire to serve the Lord!

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