Monday, July 25, 2011

Bed Time and Sweet Messages

Bed time is often very challenging, but Justin did so well with James during my hospital stay. They got into a great routine and made it special with reading books, praying, and saying "I love you" and "goodnight". Justin would always send me these bed time pictures so I would feel a little more like I was there with them :)

Sweet picture of Justin and James before bed.

Getting sleepy while using Kramer as a pillow ;)

Sitting in Kramer's lap before bed

These videos are messages that Justin would send me from James. It was so sweet to hear James' voice each night. So precious.

James also started this thing where Justin would lay him down for bed or nap, and after Justin leaves the room, James stands up in bed, turns ON the light, and lays back down and goes to sleep. He still does it sometimes to this day, and we don't really know why. I don't see how he can sleep with that much light on, but I guess he is more comfortable that way. Later someone will sneak into his room and turn the light back off! Ha.

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