Sunday, July 31, 2011

101 Ways to Have Fun in the Hospital!

There is only so much you can do when you are on bed rest in the hospital. And there is only so much a 2 year old visitor can do as well! Thank goodness I had wheelchair privileges. For 30 minutes one time a day, I could get out of my bed, hop in a wheelchair, and have someone push me around inside or outside. This was so great for James since he loves being outdoors. And I sure did appreciate the fresh air and the different views.

James loved sitting in his own wheelchair occasionally.
Even now, any time James sees a wheelchair, he points to it and says "mommy chair". HA!

Usually James would ride in my lap and we would go outside the hospital, through the pretty garden...

...and to the pond to watch and feed the ducks!

Justin would take James in the grassy areas where my wheelchair couldn't go.

really watching :)

I don't know if you can see, but if you look closely, the duck to the right is hiding her babies under her wing. You can see a little spot of yellow :)

Since I was in the hospital for six weeks, we got to see the babies grow and swim and get bigger!

Sometimes James would try changing things up and ride on my wheelchair's leg rest!

Here is a video of us feeding the geese. James went back and forth eating the bread and then throwing some to the geese:

Another thing we would do at the hospital is throw pennies in the fountain.

Throwing pennies with daddy

We sure did throw a lot of pennies in there!

When Justin and I just wanted to try to sit and talk, we would let James sit in my bed and eat a snack and watch Thomas the Train.

Here is a video of Justin and James running through the curtain in the room. Like I said...we found as many things as possible to keep this kid happy while visiting those few days each week!

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