Monday, October 29, 2012

Herb Parsons Triathlon

On August 12, Justin competed in his third triathlon for the summer.
Thank goodness this time the Showman Shooter Triathlon was at Herb Parsons, only about 10 mins from home.  

Isn't it beautiful there!?
(Although a little sad for for me and Justin because of this being the place of Kramer's last run)

Justin had to get there super early in the morning, but we decided I would wake the kids up a little later  (although still early) and take them to see Daddy race this time!

It was nice this time, because usually, I can only see Justin do one part of the triathlon, which is normally his bike riding.  But at Herb Parsons, we could see all three parts!

This picture is totally in the shade, but you can barely see Justin running up the ramp out of the water.  He had just finished his swim which was 1/2 a mile.

Justin (in red and black) running to his first transition, getting ready to bike.

I found a little gravel lot that I walked the kids to.  We sat up our chairs and waited for Daddy to bike by.  I had packed us breakfast, so here are the kids eating boiled eggs and strawberries!  ha.

Justin is the second guy.  This was his first of two loops so we would get to see him again!
His total ride would be 22 miles.

Hi Daddy!!!

James was perfectly content playing in the rocks at 7:30am.  :)

Reese needed a little more time to wake up :) so she just chilled for a while.

We sat next to this group of people.  James got all excited at one point, and said, "Look at that sheep, Mommy!"  Haha....cracked me up!

Daddy's second time around!  Right after he passed, we quickly gathered our belongings and made our way to the finish line where we could see Justin run in.

Snack time while waiting for Daddy to finish!


Here he comes!!!  He was finishing his 3.75 mile trail run!

Run Daddy Run!

Justin finished in a time of 1:56:14.
He finished 5th in his age group!

Thought this was cute :)

ECS Family Night

August 10th was ECS Family Night.  
This year, all of the ECS faculty met at Auto Zone Park for the Red Birds game that evening.  We had a great dinner and then enjoyed some of the baseball game.  

Having fun!

I think James could have stayed the whole time!

Reese got a little too squiggly and it was past her bed time, so we headed out before the game was over.  
But we had a great time hanging out with other teachers, coaches, and friends.
Until next year!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Time at the Dentist

At the beginning of August, we decided to take James and Reese for their first dentist visit!  
We took them to McCann Pediatric Dentistry.
We know the McCann family from ECS and from 2nd Pres, so we felt very comfortable going there.

James definitely enjoyed himself at first :)

I think having both of the kids there to experience this together helped a little bit.

Just waiting on Dr. McCann.

When Dr. McCann came in, he checked James' teeth, then Reese's.  (This is where we had some fits of crying, but eventually they settled down :)   He brushed their teeth really well and gave us some toddler tips.  He said that their teeth look great and keep up the good work!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Texas Cousins Come to Memphis

Thankfully, during the rough days that followed losing Kramer, our sweet Texas cousins came in town!
Melanie and Mario had planned a trip for just the two of them, so Lucas and Anthony headed to Memphis to stay with Meme and Papa!

Here are the boys on the plane headed to Memphis.
Mel dropped them off, then turned right back around and flew home to get ready for her big trip :)
The boys did great!

James just adores his cousins ;)
Such a great James-Lucas hug.

Anthony is taking a turn riding on the lawn mower with Papa, so the other three kids just watch and wait :)

Playing outside at Meme's

Cutie Pie trying to keep up

James get his turn with Papa!

Now Reese's turn!

It's a race!

Wheww...some down time (probably watching Mickey's Clubhouse)

One day we went to the Peabody downtown.

The boys were sooo silly :)

Up on top the roof.
Looks like James is giving them a Memphis tour :)

Some cute group shots

Snack time inside while we wait for the ducks to come down the elevator.

Aunt Michelle and Reese :)

The high light of the day was a ride in the trolley!

We went all over!

Another day we went to see the trains in Collierville.

These boys love trains :)

You can go inside a couple of the trains.

Exploring the kitchen

Lounging in the dining car

You think she will grow up liking trains too?

After the trains, we took a quick drive to the Collierville Splash Park.
So much fun!

And last but not least, a picnic dinner at Meme's house!
Can't wait for Anthony and Lucas to visit again!