Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mighty Might 2012

On Saturday, July 21st, Justin competed in his third Mighty Mite Triathlon.  It's always held in Forrest City, Arkansas.  We dropped the kids off at my parents house the night before the race, and my parents graciously watched them Friday night and Saturday so that I could go with Justin to his race and support him!  We left super early Saturday morning and drove to AK!

We parked on a field and Justin unloads everything from the car.

We have a long walk up to the first transition area where Justin picks a spot and gets his bike ready.
Lake Dunn is close by and is where Justin will start the race.  He will swim 1/3 mile.  I never get to see his start because I usually walk the distance back to the car and drive to a good spot to watch him bike by.

This little church was right outside the park area.  I parked here and set up my chair and camera to wait for Justin to pass by :)

Here he comes!

He looked strong and fast ;)
He biked 13 miles to East Arkansas Community College, and from there would begin his 3 mile run.
I hopped back in the van, passed all the bikers on one road, and then went a different route to the finish line in Forrest City where he would end his run.

Justin runs the final mile.

Finishing strong!

Justin finished in a time of 1:15:06
(I know the time in the photo looks different, but the competitors didn't all start at the same time)
He beat his last time by over a minute.  PR!!

It was so much fun to see him compete and I know he loves triathlons.  Biking has become one of his new hobbies and one that I think he will continue for a long time!

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