Thursday, February 21, 2013

State Championship

The ECS Eagles made it to STATE!!!!  
The game was at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, and we played Knoxville Webb.

I met all of Justin's sisters in Nashville so we could drop off kids and all ride together.
Sweet sweet sweet Cassie volunteered to take mine and Rachel's kiddos back to her house so they could play with the Fish cousins!  (Thank you Cassie!!!)  That left Katie, Rachel, and me to have a focused, fun, adult time!!

HAHAHA!  A funny happening!  Don't ask!
(And yes, Katie, I did just post this picture!)
I haven't laughed so hard in so long that I had to capture the moment on the blog!

Me, Rachel, and Katie!

Mom and Dad Payne....Go, Fight, Win!  Love that they support our Eagles so much!!

The whole crew including my brother-in-law, Tim, and his son, Caleb.

And here we go!  The football game is about to begin.

Coin toss

Justin was up top in the box

Coach Thornton is down below talking to the defense.


They played sooo hard....

and at the end of the 3rd quarter we still had not scored.  Webb was an extremely talented team!
Pretty much unstoppable...

Coach Walters regroups the guys and encourages them to get on the board!

Mom, Dad, and Katie watching intently...

Finally!!!  The Eagles score!... not only one time,

But two touchdowns by the end of the game.  So happy it was not a shut out.  

Huddle at the end.
The Eagles played their hearts out.

A bitter sweet moment for the coaches...
So happy to be at STATE,
So sad to have lost.

The coaches go out to talk to their team.

Now for the award ceremony...

Eagles are State runners up!  I'd say that's pretty awesome!

We are so proud of our Eagles, and can't wait until next year to try and do it all over again!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christmas at Thanksgiving 2012

Whenever we have Thanksgiving in Memphis, we usually celebrate Christmas in the same weekend!  On Saturday, my little family went to Mom and Dad's house, where my sis's family and Cindy were staying.  The kids were all in their new pjs and we ate yummy food and celebrated Christmas a little early!

We first decided to start a new tradition....before opening gifts, Papa read the Christmas story little by little while Meme helped the kids take turns placing the Biblical characters in the manger scene.
It was a little chaotic with 4 under age 5, but I say the earlier we start doing traditions like this, the BETTER!  We are trying to instill in them the TRUE meaning of Christmas... CHRIST!

Meme helps James place the angel on the top :)

Dad asked the kids if any of them wanted to pray, and sweet little Anthony spoke up fast!
Here he is praying the most wonderful prayer you have ever heard a 4 year old pray.  Anthony is very good with his words and that makes his prayers to his Jesus so special.

Lucas and Mel listening to Anthony's prayer.

Now time to open stockings!!!

And time to open gifts!  Meme and Papa got  Reese a Minnie Mouse that giggles.  She absolutely loves it!

Michelle and Josh help the kiddos open some new shoes!

And the big gift was this cool race track where the cars have headlights.  The kids loved it!

And I put Reese in her new Christmas dress from Meme and Papa.  It was so precious on her!  Wish I had a better picture!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another Birthday Trio!

The day after Thanksgiving, Michelle and Josh had us over at their new house in Arlington (yippee!).
We celebrated the December birthdays:  Me, Mel, and my aunt Cindy.

First, a family picture in front of Michelle and Josh's cute house!

Birthday Twins!

Mario and Melanie

Reese and Justin

Close up!!!

The kids :)

The kids being silly!

Me and Justin

Our little family

Meme with Anthony and Lucas

Opening presents

Kids going crazy helping

 My silly son

My silly daughter
(This is my Grandad's hat and is coveted by all the children)  haha!

Reese kept herself busy lining up crayons in the cracks in the fire place.

Silly Justin and Lucas!

 Love this!

Blowing out the candles!

The kids were getting tired, so we settled them in front of Mickey :)

What a fun day!