Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Before Thanksgiving

My sister, Melanie, came in town with her kids a couple of weeks early to spend time with us before the Thanksgiving holidays got busy.    It was so much fun because we had the opportunity to do so much more than we normally can do when they visit!!!

We went to ECS to let ALL the kids ride on the "tractor"!  
Looks like they are all happy except Reese??

Um...I think she just wanted to drive :)

These boys love to zoom around.

I love being twins with this girl!


We also got to go to SEGA gymnastics for a one hour toddler time!
The kids get to run all over the gym and play on most of the equipment.
They love it!

Aunt Mel has fun with the boys.

Reese did her own thing and found plenty to play with!

We even raced in the blue foam pit!
(And we lost our socks and had to hunt for them)

Melanie and I took the kids to one of Justin's basketball games.
This is a picture from where we sit in the bleachers, and across the court you can see Justin sitting on the edge of the bench with the players in white.

Having fun playing with trucks

Eating pizza and popcorn :)

We also just got to hang out and relax at Meme and Papa's house.
They got a trampoline this year!

Aren't these cousins precious reading their books?

Love my two sisters :)

Looking forward to spending more time with them over these next two November weeks!

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