Thursday, October 14, 2010

James is 16 Months!

Wow, another month has passed us by. James is a little over 16 months old now. He "talks" in his own little language all day long. Yesterday he brought me my flip flop and said "shoe". Other than that, Justin and I just keep thinking that we hear a word every now and then, but not much more language development since last month. People tell me that one day their child can't talk, then the next day they are saying 20 words! Maybe that will happen for James.

James just recently popped out two huge molars. Poor Nonie and Pops. They hadn't seen James in forever and came to visit a week ago. James was a different child. He pretty much screamed for 24 hours. I could not find anything to soothe him. So Nonie and Pops' weekend consisted of listening to constant crying and a little down time with Justin and me when James went down for his nap. This week I am so thankful to have my sweet, happy son back. We will have to plan another visit with Nonie and Pops. ;)

Our weeks are about like this:
Monday: Library Time 10:30-11:15
Tuesday: I tutor from 3:00-5:00, so James hangs out at ECS
Wednesday: Mom's group 9:00-11:00, James plays with other kids
Thursday: I tutor again, James visits Meme & Papa or hangs out with Daddy
Friday: Football game at 7:00pm! James makes it at least through half time, but sometimes will make it until the game is over.
Saturday: Lots of play time with Daddy
Sunday: Church

James is now taking only 1 nap every day. It usually ranges from 2-3 hours!
He is sleeping 11-12 hours at night.
James also folds his hands and bows his head when we pray! LOVE IT!

Here is James' 16 month picture:

Being silly :)

Kramer's turn to be silly!

I love this picture. Totally engrossed in the "God Made Animals" dvd.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chihuly at Cheekwood

On our way home from Virginia this summer, Mom Payne told us about Chihuly. Dale Chihuly is an amazing artist who specializes in glass blowing. His sculptures are HUGE and so beautiful.


Below are some of his glass sculptures that I found online.
I just LOVE these!

Well, Mom Payne also told us that Chihuly had an exhibition at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art in Nashville. As we were driving through Nashville, we realized the exhibition was pretty much on the way home, and the timing was perfect for us to stop and visit! We LOVED walking through the gardens. This was a Night exhibition because Chihuly uses light to illuminate his sculptures. It was so amazing to see how the glass art was integrated in the beautiful landscaping!

My pictures don't do it justice, but here are some from our evening:

The line was pretty long to get into the gardens.

While waiting in line, James was occupied with this sign :)

This is called Saffron Tower. It is 27 feet high!

So cool :)

"Green Grass and Optic Reeds"

"The Moon" 7' x 7' x 7'

"Walla Wallas"

"The Sun"
This is a huge piece of art work. I saw a video on the making of "The Sun" and it is just incredible!"

James did great! As you can see the stroller is just as interesting to him as all the artwork :)

Thanks, Mom Payne, for this wonderful, educational opportunity!