Saturday, December 29, 2012

Running errands with Daddy

When Justin is home, sometimes he will take one kid off my hands for a bit and run an errand.  He needed to go to Home Depot, so that was a perfect place to take James.
Tractors, tractors, and more tractors!

I think James got to sit on every tractor inside and outside of the store!
What fun!

And what better way to end the late afternoon with Daddy than with a tractor ride at ECS?
Justin took James to the school, and they hopped on one of the mules and drove around campus.

I think these two are having a good time!

What a fun day with Daddy :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visiting Daddy at School

Sometimes during the busy football season, we like to go visit Daddy at the school during his off periods.  These are some pictures taken in early October.

One day will come too soon when Reese will really be sitting in a desk like this!

Finding things to play with in Daddy's classroom.

We love visiting!
(I think seeing the kids is a nice break in Justin's day :)

On the way out, James always tries to find an empty locker in the hall to climb in!

Thanks for letting us come see you Daddy!  We love you!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keepin' Busy

Boy, do we keep ourselves busy during this time of year.  Here are some more pictures from our last days of September.

Playing at the Arlington playground.

Ice Cream treat at McDonalds!

Ok, the look on my face tells a whole story that I won't get into.  Let's just say that we were NOT happy with McDonald's customer service this day!  

Our crazy monkey

Playing at home.

Love this
(spending time with Daddy after he gets home from football practice)

Reese is walking better!

One day, I had James' school lesson outside.  We did a lesson on maps and used this blanket Nonie made for us as a part of the lesson.  (and had a picnic on it!)

During the lesson I pointed to some countries and named them.  When I said, "Look James, this is Greenland."  He replied, "NO MOMMY!  That's REDLAND!" hahahaha
Well, we will work on that one another day :)

School inside :)

Another time I caught James stealing one of Reese's bows.  He literally takes them out of her hair and puts them in his hair!

Playing with best friends during "Cleaning Swap!" 
(I have blogged about my cleaning swap with my friend Amber in an earlier post:)

Playing outside with Taylor and Law!

ARG....this little munchkin is doing exactly what James did at her age....screaming at the back door for someone to let her outside.  She desperately wants to go outside to play.

hmmm... .can you tell that I caved?  Someone is happy now!

This is another happy kid when he is outdoors!

lickin' the cookie batter!

greasy smile!

And lastly, James in a timeout.  Here he is pushing away Reese who recently thinks she goes to timeout when James does!  hahaha.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Playground Next Door

I am so thankful for our little playground in the neighborhood next door to ours.  Justin and I have a 3 mile loop that we run, and we always run past this playground.  Sometimes when I am pushing the kids in the double Bob, I will take a break halfway through my run here!  I let the kids play for awhile, then put them back in the stroller and finish my run.  The kids love it and always have a great time.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Warrens Visit

Yay!  Justin's sister, Katie, brought her family to Memphis in September.  Her son, Christian, had a soccer tournament on Saturday, but they decided to come on Friday so they could go to an ECS football game.  It was so fun to have them at the game with us!  

Once again, hangin' on the hill.

The cutest picture!!  Julianna and Rebecca helped me with Reese ;)

At home on Saturday morning, the early risers got to watch a movie :)

Then to watch Christian play soccer at the Mike Rose Soccer Complex!
Just chillin' and eating some snacks.

Reese was so good and had lots of little friends to play with her :)

Next we had a lunch break at Steak N Shake in between Christian's games.
(Obviously someone said something to Rebecca that she didn't like! Ha)

Rebecca and Justin

Me with Julianna and Katie

Reese was cracking us up with her facial expressions :)

Love this one!

Then back at the game, James got his first piece of bubble gum!
It was given to him by the lady who drives around selling snacks.
We halved the piece....on his first attempt, he swallowed it after a few seconds. On his second attempt he did much better!  And spit it out after a couple of minutes :)

We hope to see more of Christian playing soccer in the near future!  It was so fun!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


By mid- September, football was in full swing.  James and Reese love going to the high school games.  They get to be outside,  eat hot dogs, french fries and candy, and watch Daddy coach football!  Most of the coaches' wives that have children sit on a grassy hill instead tackling the bleachers with little ones.  James absolutely loves sitting on the hill.  It is a big open area for all sorts of running, falling, jumping, and tumbling.  Reese likes to try to keep up with James, but I find ways to keep her in my lap as much as possible, or she would really go tumbling down the hill.

James has the sweetest friend that comes to the games too.  Her name is Madison Claire, and she gets so excited to see James at the game.  They are great buddies and have lots of fun playing together.  They are just a few months a part, so they have a lot in common.  They keep each other busy racing, playing with toys, digging in the dirt, and occasionally watching the game!  If only James could get her name right.  He calls her Anna Blair because he has a cousin with that name.  He just can't remember Madison!  But she goes along with it for now :)  haha.

Madison Claire and James
(isn't she a cutie-pie!)

Watching the game.  Daddy is up there in the box.

Always so fun to be with friends!