Monday, December 17, 2012

The Warrens Visit

Yay!  Justin's sister, Katie, brought her family to Memphis in September.  Her son, Christian, had a soccer tournament on Saturday, but they decided to come on Friday so they could go to an ECS football game.  It was so fun to have them at the game with us!  

Once again, hangin' on the hill.

The cutest picture!!  Julianna and Rebecca helped me with Reese ;)

At home on Saturday morning, the early risers got to watch a movie :)

Then to watch Christian play soccer at the Mike Rose Soccer Complex!
Just chillin' and eating some snacks.

Reese was so good and had lots of little friends to play with her :)

Next we had a lunch break at Steak N Shake in between Christian's games.
(Obviously someone said something to Rebecca that she didn't like! Ha)

Rebecca and Justin

Me with Julianna and Katie

Reese was cracking us up with her facial expressions :)

Love this one!

Then back at the game, James got his first piece of bubble gum!
It was given to him by the lady who drives around selling snacks.
We halved the piece....on his first attempt, he swallowed it after a few seconds. On his second attempt he did much better!  And spit it out after a couple of minutes :)

We hope to see more of Christian playing soccer in the near future!  It was so fun!!

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