Friday, July 1, 2011

Rachel's Visit Part 2

I love these pictures.
Miss you all!
Rachel, Adde, Payne (and Eric!)....Can't wait to see yall again!

Some of the cousins! Most of the youngest ones.

Leah loves holding babies. Payne was so sweet and happy.

Relaxing at Aunt Cassie's

Anna Blair with James.
She always takes such good care of him ;)

Josiah and me!

Leah and me!

Love this picture!

Justin with Lydia, Adde, and James

Nonie with Payne

"I love my daddy"
(James is wearing a t-shirt that Justin wore when he was 2)

Rachel, Adde, and Payne with Papa Blair

Kiddos all dressed up for church:)

Nonie and Pops with the Harrisons

Family Pic!

James had to get his "chair ride" with Papa Blair.
Thanks Papa!

Love this!
James with Papa Blair

All of us with Papa

I think in this one we were all doing the "cheese!"

Haha! Not sure what these two are doing, but I'd say it's a good picture to end on :)
Boy, Pops and James look like they are up to something!

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