Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rachel, Adde, and Payne come to Franklin

During Spring Break in March, we drove to Franklin to visit with family. Justin's sister, Rachel, her little girl, Addelyn, and her adorable son, Payne, had come in town from Washington. We LOVED seeing them and hanging out with everyone. It was so fun to see James interact and play with all his cousins now that he is a little older. In this blog, I am posting the play time pictures. Next blog, I will post the more "posed" pictures.

Playing on Nonie and Pop's swing set

Ruth and Adde having a blast!

James and Josiah = buddies

Maybe one day James will attempt this :)

Little Addelyn has no fear! She just loved jumping from hay bale to hay bale in Nonie's garden!

Justin tried to get James to jump the hay bales too...umm..maybe next year!

The Fish cousins have a "truck" as James calls it. Really it is their mule and James loved sitting in it!

Taking a ride on the mule! Justin and Rachel even joined the kids.

Uncle Justin plays hard with the kiddos

James and Lydia were best buds too

Having a two year old conversation ;)

One indoor activity consisted of the girls pushing James around in the shopping cart :)

Even though James wouldn't attempt the hay bales, he still LOVES to jump everywhere else.

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