Monday, June 29, 2009

Past 2 weeks

Pictures from the past two weeks. Sorry we have fallen behind on the whole blog thing. It is all new to us.

James started in the middle of his boppy seat. We left him for a few seconds, and he managed to wiggle himself onto the floor.

One of his famous sleep positions. He loves his hand on his cheek.

Tummy time.

Tummy time with Daddy.

James taking his first bottle. We had to give it a trial run so Mommy & Daddy could go out for their anniversary date.

Nonie came to stay and was the first baby-sitter of little James.

Mandy & Justin before their 4 year anniversary date night. We went to the Rendezvous for dinner and then walked around and went to the top of the Peabody Hotel. Then back in time to feed James.

All curled up.

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