Saturday, March 5, 2011

As of lately...

Here are some random pictures we have taken recently.

James enjoying a big red bell pepper...yummy!

He is still LOVING playing outside. I love when the weather is perfect so that I can just leave the door open and let him wander in and out. Recently, he figured out how to open our backyard gate, so we are having to block the gate with our big trash can.
(ps...think we need a hair cut! I love when his sweet curls come out in the humidity)

Pushing his dump truck up the big hill

Laughing and playing with Kramer.

They finally play "fetch" together

(oh, and at 21 months now, James has caught up in weight, and is now between 15 and 20 % on the chart! He weighs 24 lbs 8 oz)

Aunt Michelle and her husband, Josh, have been so wonderful to watch James for us from time to time. Thanks, guys!

And I am now 24 weeks pregnant. Baby girl is moving a lot now. At my last doctor's appt, the ultrasound revealed that my "complete previa" is still perfectly COMPLETE. My doctor doesn't think there is much chance of the placenta shifting. Unless any complications occur where I would have to be put on bed rest, we will do an amniocentesis at 37 weeks. If baby's lungs have fully developed, we will schedule a C-section immediately. If baby's lungs need a little more time, we will have a C-section at 38 weeks!

Below is a video of James playing some basketball in his room before bed. Sorry for the lack of clothing. We didn't quite get his pjs on before he started to play. We thought he was hilarious, because he got sooo excited every time he made a basket! You also get a glimpse of his new room, which is totally not finished yet (that's why I haven't posted pics yet).