Monday, February 20, 2012

Some more fun at Christmas

We had the best time with all of the family in town. Here are some more pictures of the rest of our time together during the Christmas holiday :)

Me with my sweet baby girl.
She looked so cute in her little sweater and jeggings and uggs!

Melanie and Mario

Josh and Michelle

Cousin Jeff and girlfriend, Kristen

Justin and me with the boys

Justin started to read to them, and little Mr. No Nap finally fell asleep

So sweet

Meme with Happy Reese!
Chub Cheeks :)

Justin and the boys pose with Grandad and Billie

Mario with my Dad

James saying "CHEESE" with Grandad! I love how Grandad decided to do the "cheese face" too!

This is so sweet...

and this too...
just look at those curls on James head after he woke up!

Me with Michelle

Me with Mel

Mel with Michelle
Where is the picture of all three of us sisters?

I love this little Lucas pose with his mommy :)

Papa with Chub Cheeks!

Me with my aunt, Cindy

Papa and Meme with the youngest kiddos, Reese and Lucas

Papa and Meme with all the grandkids!

Our family :)

James with Papa
Boy, they look happy!

Haha...well, the happiness was short-lived because they both fell asleep!
Everyone was worn out from all the fun.

Yes, me included.... Ha!

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

At home, Reese is all ready for her Christmas Day at church!

Our little family

Justin and me at Meme and Papa's house

I love my husband :)

Starting to open gifts!
(I think these two kiddos might just adore their daddy)

James and cousins, Anthony and Lucas, play with their new helicopters from Meme and Papa!

Reese with her new bow and bunny!
(She looks like a sweet little Christmas present herself :)

Reese opened her very own doll! We are new at this girl toy thing!

I think she likes it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

We did a lot on Christmas Eve and enjoyed every minute of it!

There just had to be a tractor ride with Papa on Christmas Eve!
Probably the high light of the day!

Back at home, cooking dinner before everyone comes over!
James has been a big helper recently :)

After dinner, the kids opened presents from Meme and Papa.
Matching PJs!!!

And a Christmas dress!

Reese loved the ribbon the most :)

All ready for bed!

But first, we had to get pictures of the cousins :)
The boys were having a real good time.

Reese thought the boys' laughter was interesting at first...

then it got louder....

and louder! To the point where it scared Reese! Haha.

The boys were being so silly it was cracking us up!

The 3 amigos ;)

That night, Mario and Melanie stayed late to play Mario on the Wii with Justin and me. Ok, so we figured out, that it is too hard (communication-wise) for Mario to be Luigi. Mario needs to be Mario. If you don't get that, you had to be there! haha. It was so funny and we had a blast hanging out with them! Wish they lived closer so we could do this more often! ps....I got a huge crick in my neck from looking so high up at the TV like that!

Oh, and did I mention that during this fun time, our GPS got stolen out of our van. So sad. We think we must have some how left the side door open :(