Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More time in Franklin

We always love our time in Franklin, but June 15th was a sad day.  Little Belle had been the Payne's family pet for 17 1/2 years.  Her health had been declining for some years now, and this day, she passed away.  She was the Payne's little jingle belle and meant so much to the family.  Especially to Nonie and Pops.

Justin and Pops made a special place for her to be buried.

It was truly a sad, sad day.

We will always remember the funny stories of sweet Belle!

Well, on the last day of swim lessons, June 21st, the parents got in the pool with the kids and helped them perform everything they had learned!

I was so proud of this kid!

Lydia demonstrates with Cassie.

James was like a different kid at this point!

While we were in the pool, everyone else got to watch from the side.

This is the stunt I couldn't believe…. James diving down to the bottom of the shallow end to retrieve a dive ring!

Here are some videos of the final day!

One is of James diving to the bottom of the pool to get the ring.
The other is jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side.

See you next year, Mrs. Trish!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Swim Lessons in Franklin

Last June (2013) we signed up for swim lessons in Franklin.  This way, James could learn with his cousins, and he could take lessons from an amazing swim teacher, Mrs. Trish.

I had no idea what to expect or how James would do his first day.  I had a slight feeling that he would be afraid and not want to get in the water or do what Mrs. Trish said.  Oh boy, ….. I was right on…..

This is the picture I took of him while he was waiting for his lesson.  
All smiles and excitement. 

This is the picture of when he got done with his first swim lesson with cousin Lydia.
Notice the puffy eyes?

I have NO pictures of the lesson that day, because he SCREAMED and CRIED for mommy for almost the entire time.  He was the kid that ran out of the pool and wouldn't get back in.  He kicked and cried the rest of the time.  Mrs. Trish was amazing and finally got him calm down towards the end and was able to teach him a little that day.  But oh my goodness, I was a basket case.  I had to hide behind a wall and cry a little myself.  Thanks Cassie and Anna Blair for consoling and encouraging me!

So glad he made it through the first day.  6 more lessons to go!

Back at Nonie's house the kids always have so much fun playing:

Then Day 2 of swim lessons went MUCH better.  He was timid getting in the pool, but he did it.

Sitting, waiting on instructions to blow bubbles.

Waiting on his turn to practice falling in the water and swimming to Mrs. Trish.

Off he goes!

Head in the water!
(This is coming from a kid who cried every time I got water on his face in the bathtub!)

Hmmm…checking to see if mommy is still there??

Swimming to Mrs. Trish's assistant.

Learning how to float on his back, and AIRPLANE POCKETS!

Here is a video!  At the end of each day, the kids performed what they learned that lesson!  I was so impressed that this was Day 2!  Can't wait to show a video of how much more he learns!

Much better day and suckers to celebrate!

Back at Nonie's house,  James gets to watch Pops work on the fence.