Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kramer's First Snow

We had our first (and only) real snow of the winter in Memphis a few weeks ago. Kramer was a little hesitant starting off, but really enjoyed the snow once Justin got him excited. Saturday afternoon we got around 2 inches, and by Sunday morning, we measured 8 inches total. Here are a few pictures from our fun in the snow.

Justin & Kramer in the snow

Mandy video taping

Our house Saturday afternoon

Sunday morning


  1. whooo hooo-congrats on joining the WONDERFUL WORLD OF BLOGGING!! now you have to keep it up! :) hope y'all are having a fun time in Dallas!

  2. Good first blog!! Can't believe all the snow you got - we got nothing!!! I bet the video's fun. Can't wait for more blogs! Love you! 8-)