Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Belly Pictures

Week 35: This was taken right before we left to go to our "Expecting Parents" class at the hospital. We had a lot of fun practicing changing diapers, baby baths, swaddling, and much more. Really I wanted to go to this class to learn more about baby CPR and what to do if baby is choking. I found out during the class that Justin has NEVER changed a diaper! With all his nieces and nephews I was sure he had! I watched as he practiced on the "real-looking" baby to see if I could catch him doing something funny. NOPE. Of course, he can change a diaper perfectly, and faster than me! Yay for daddy!

Week 34: This is what I wear as "Coach" to our Middle School Girls track meets: My maternity khakis, a man's polo shirt with ECS logo, and my visor to keep my hair out of my eyes and sun off my face. I recently had a friend come up to me and tell me that when he saw me from a distance, he thought I was a worker from WENDY'S!!!!! (very flattering!)


  1. well you have to be the cutest wendy's worker ever! :) you look great! I LOVE THE BELLY PICTURES!! priceless...I can't believe Justin enver changed a diaper either-how did he get out of that? my word! He'll be here before you know it! yipppeeeee

  2. Yeah, Matthew said, "How did Justin get away with not changing any of our kids diapers?" And you are the cutest pregnant coach ever!!!!

  3. I thought Justin was following Pops and had the "I do not change diapers" policy. If I'd known this was something he needed to learn, he could have changed diapers just last week! We have 2 children who give ample opportunities in our house! Oh I wish I had known. You look super, Sis! I'd buy burgers and nuggets from you anyday!

  4. Mandy, you look adorable!!! You are so close! Is it ok if I list you on my blog?