Monday, August 17, 2009

Michelle's Beach Wedding

My younger sister, Michelle, just got married on the beach of Watersound, Florida.
She was so pretty and Josh was so handsome. You just can't go wrong with pictures at the ocean. They turned out great.

Justin was one of Michelle's photographers. The house where we stayed also had bikes, so Justin rode from the house to the beach the morning of the wedding. Haha.

The beautiful bride with Dad

Sweet little Anthony with James.

Wedding pictures on the beach :)

So sweet


I say that Justin and my mom (who also took pictures) did a great job!

Leaving the beach.
Instead of driving away in the traditional car, the house where we stayed also provided a golf cart! Michelle and Josh rode down the boardwalk to the house after they were married.
Like the decorations? (signs, cans, flags)... compliments of Melanie, Mandy, and Mom.

Family photo

Dad and Mom with Michelle

The husbands with their wives and children

Papa and Meme with Grandchildren

This little guy was so worn out by the end of the day!

How crazy is this: The name of the house we stayed at was "Payne Remedy". Justin and I just had to get a picture with the sign.

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  1. What a beautiful wedding...and Justin did a wonderful job with the pictures! I'm so impressed!