Sunday, November 1, 2009

James is 5 Months!

James just turned 5 months old!
He weighs 13.3 lbs and is now in 6-9 mo pjs.
He is just the sweetest baby and loves people.

James' 5 month pose

Going for a walk in the cold!

Practicing sitting in his high chair

Our neighbor, Amber, let James borrow her daughter's exersaucer.
James LOVES the mirror.

Going for a jog with Mommy!

James likes to "fake cough".... so funny!

James ate his first bowl of rice cereal a few nights ago!
He seemed to love it and has been doing great ever since.

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  1. Oh my gosh - he is so cute. I LOVE all the smiley pictures. The videos are GREAT. Keep them coming!!! We have video of Christian's first rice - not as good of a response!!! Cannot WAIT to see you soon!