Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in Memphis

James' first Christmas was so much fun! Everyone made it very special, and James seemed to enjoy every minute.

Ho Ho Ho

Justin and I decided this year we would make a gingerbread house!
I think it turned out nicely :)

Every year Justin adds on a few more strands of Christmas lights somewhere on the outside of our house. He does such a great job. I wonder where the lights will be added next year??!
Eventually, I think Justin would like our home to look like the Griswold's house at Christmastime!

Christmas card picture

Quite good buddies these days

On Christmas morning, James woke up sooo happy. While Justin and I opened presents, James happily watched from his exersaucer.

Kramer with his present, a HUGE dog bone
(He could hardly get through the halls without wacking the walls!)

We finally headed over to Mandy's parents' house to have more Christmas fun there. We tried to get a picture of James showing off his outfit that says "My First Christmas".

There it is!

Santa (Meme and Papa) got James his very own "Bear Bear".
James loves cuddling with it!

Playing with his new toys

James got a Radio Flyer for Christmas too!
We can't wait to go for many rides in it.

Having too much fun!

James got to play with his cousin, Anthony.
Anthony is showing James how to work some of his toys.
James just stared in awe :)

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