Sunday, March 28, 2010

Leiper's Fork

Recently, Justin, James, and I headed out to Leiper's Fork to visit the Paynes and the Fishes. We always love going out there, because you get away from the city life and, instead, enjoy the rolling hills, the neighbor's donkeys, and coffee on the front porch! What a great resting place! (And that's just the added bonus. Really we go to see our wonderful family!)

Sweet Leah couldn't keep her hands off of James :)

Lydia just recently turned ONE.

I believe they are about the same size now!

Papa Blair is so loving with James.
James wasn't sure what to think about Papa's glasses and hat!

Nonie and Pops took James out to see the donkeys.
He loved them!

Kramer was quite interested too

James' first petting zoo
(and we didn't have to pay anything!)

Of course I had to get another picture of Belle taking over Kramer's bag
(to remind everyone, we keep K-man's leash, bowls, food, treats, etc.. in there)
Kramer doesn't ever seem to mind Belle's possessiveness!

Nonie and James enjoyed the swing outside.
(It was a beautiful day!)

James loved it so much, I think it really soothed him, so he started to hum to himself and get a little drowsy. He just stared off into space! ha

Daddy and James

Can you tell Kramer loves Leiper's Fork too!??

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  1. love the fun pictures...wish i were there with y'all!!! we LOVE leipers fork!!!