Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Melanie and The Boys Visit (part 3)

The bonfire that the boys and Josh and Papa created was so great! The kids loved it. We sang songs, made s'mores, ate marshmallows, and just enjoyed each other's company. And it was so easy because we were just in Meme and Papa's backyard!

Mel and all the boys


This kid LOVES his marshmallows!

Yep, this one too!

This one didn't eat the marshmallows, but he dove into the chocolate!
(hmmmm...must take after his mommy!)

What good memories :)

We left the marshmallow toasting up to Uncle Josh. He was the only one who could handle the heat! We couldn't get close to the fire at all!

My sweet sis and now running buddy :)
James calls her, "Abachelle" for Aunt Michelle. ha!

"Umple" Josh (Uncle Josh) taught James how to warm his hands :)

Reese enjoyed the fire (and her fingers) too!

Can't get any cuter!
Do those cheeks have marshmallows in them?

James is becoming more of a cuddle bug, hugger, kisser, lap sitter! Yay!
I love it!

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