Monday, July 16, 2012

Maui Day 4: A Night on the Town

On Friday morning, we were so exhausted from the road to Hana, we slept in until 8am!  (did I mention so far that I have now gotten two full nights of rest with no one crying "mommy!" in the middle of the night? Hooray!)  Justin and I grabbed our coffees and Bibles and just read and relaxed on our porch at the condo.  Afterwards, we packed some lunches and decided to drive to South Maui where some of the BEST beaches are supposed to be.

Our first beach we stopped at was Wailea Beach.
It was BEAUTIFUL!  Our absolute favorite beach.
The sand was so soft and the water was perfectly clear.  There were even great waves to jump in!

Wailea Beach is the beach in front of the Grand Wailea Resort and also The Four Seasons Resort (which is the one you see behind us)

We stayed there for about an hour then hopped in the jeep to visit another beach.  We ate lunch in the car since our drive would be another 45 minutes south.

Our next beach was Big Beach.
We liked it but not not as much as Wailea.

It was neat though, to lay out on the sand and watch this storm forming over the other island, which is probably Kaho'olawe.

Big Beach

After our morning of relaxing, we went back to our condo.  Justin biked in the workout room and we both showered and got ready for a night on the town!

Yep, another rainbow waiting for us outside!

We went to the little town of Lahaina which is only 15 minutes away.

This town used to be an old whaling port.  It is a great place to eat, shop, and watch the boats.

We ate an early dinner at Bubba Gumps and had a great view of the ocean and harbor.

Then we walked around the town.  We visited Banyan Tree Park.

We saw an old fort made from coral.

And we just walked around the town until about 7:30pm.  That's when the real fun began!

We had bought tickets to see Warren and Annabelle's magic show!
(Ps...Justin had told me during dinner not to volunteer during the show :)

I know some people are thinking, "who in the world goes to Maui and spends an evening watching magic?"  We do!!!  It was one of our favorite nights!

We first got to sit in a parlor and have drinks and desserts with about 70 other guests while Annabelle, the ghost, played songs on a piano.  Anyone could just yell out a song and the piano would play it!  Literally the piano would begin the song before the person even finished saying the title.  It was pretty cool.

While we were talking to some other couples, a man came up to us and asked Justin and me if we would like to be volunteers and sit up front during the show.  I could see Justin shaking his head out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked at him pleadingly, he agreed to be volunteers with me!

I won't tell all the secrets in case anyone reading my blog decides to go one day, but here are some pictures from the evening :)

Justin and I in our front row "volunteer" seats!
We are sooo glad we volunteered by the way.

The audience behind us.

This is Warren.  He is a slight of hand magician and comedian.
He was sooooo funny, our cheeks were hurting from laughing during the show.
He was great and interacted with almost all 70 guests!

This dollar bill burned to ashes right in front of me, and later re-appeared in a lemon!
Same serial number :)

"Gomer", I mean Justin, is under this hat!  haha
More on the nickname if you go one day!

Justin was a great sport.  He was the "butt" of a lot of Warren's jokes.  I was rolling with laughter!
(Many people after the show even asked us if we were part of the act!)

Three wedding bands that audience members threw up to him on stage.

Warren "linked" the wedding bands together.

Some other magic:
He changed the time on a watch (that I held in my hand) to a number that I picked.
He made bowling balls appear from his hat.
He made silver coins appear and did card tricks right before our eyes.
And Justin and I will never forget the word "Papaya!"

We had such an incredible night.
The show lasted until about 11pm.

Another fantastic day in Maui :)

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  1. i'm loving all the hawaii posts!!! you look so relaxed in all your pics! uninterrupted sleep does a body good! i'm so looking forward to relaxing on our trip too. although, you're totally making me want to go to hawaii even more now!!! :) miss talking with you! hugs! i have a couple more posts to get up, then i'll be going through the birthday pics from my camera...i'll send them to you!