Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sonny the Elf

This year for Christmas we decided to purchase the "elf on the shelf". We thought it would be another fun thing to add to the Christmas spirit. Lots of people use the elf to help remind their kids to have good behavior over the holiday, but since our little ones are so young, we just made it a fun little extra daily event. 

We named our elf Sonny, and every evening when the kids were asleep, Sonny would "come to life"and get into mischief. So when the kids woke up the following morning, they would go look for Sonny and find him doing something silly. The one rule we had was that the kids could not touch Sonny.   We tried to have Sonny in a different spot every day up until Christmas when Sonny would fly back home to the North Pole. 

Here is Sonny getting into mischief. 

Hanging on the wreath

Stuck in the Christmas lights on the tree!

Guess he had a sweet tooth this night. 

Play time!

Midnight snack.... And he made a mess!

Swinging like a monkey!

Climbing upstairs. It must have been dark that night bc Sonny had a flashlight in his hands. 

I asked James what Sonny was doing this morning and he said, "Sonny wanted to see Jesus!"
 So sweet. 

Sonny got stuck on the fridge. 

More climbing

More swinging!

Looks like Sonny watched some tv. 

Playing with Santa 

And Sonny actually slept one night :)

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