Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

We went over to the Bellicans for the "3rd of July" for dinner and fireworks. James did great. He really focused on the fireworks because of the light, and even fell asleep half way through all the loud booming!

James is ready for the holiday!

My "2nd" cousin, Landon, with James

Justin and I went to the Redbirds games with our friends, Brad and Tara Thornton. We sat on the bluff for 5 bucks, and the weather was very nice with a cool breeze. The game went into the 12th inning, and the Redbirds won! Then came the awesome fireworks display!

Tara and Brad

A few days before the 4th, we house-sat at the Christians'. This is Kramer's good friend, Ellie. Justin supervised, but they played very well together!

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