Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Justin's Triathlon

Justin recently competed in the Mighty Mite Triathlon in Forrest City, Arkansas (July 18th). He did sooo great. He came in 13th place in the Male Beginner Division and finished with a total time of 1 hour 16 mins and 40 secs (1:16:40). If you ask me, thats a LONG time to be racing! I am very proud of my competitive husband! Here are some pictures of the swim/bike/run and the times in which he finished each event.

1/3 mile swim- 11 mins 49 secs.

13 mile bike- 39 mins 52 secs.

3 mile run- 21 mins 49 secs.

Wheww! Makes me tired just listing those times!


  1. way to go little brother!!!! love the action shots!!!

  2. Great pictures, Mandy. Great job - Justin - I am very impressed! Way to go

  3. from Matthew - almost a 7 min mile - wow! you were all but sprinting! Way to Go!