Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Josh and Michelle's Reception Weekend

My younger sis, Michelle, and her husband Josh got married on the beach in Florida. So we threw them a Memphis reception to include friends and family who wanted to share in their happiness!

The happy couple with James at the reception

The three sisters (Me, Michelle, Melanie)
(I love that Melanie and I are supposed to be the twins, but Michelle and Mel look more alike, and Michelle and I are both the tall ones!)

Justin and Me with James (can you tell he is getting sleepy?)

Melanie, Mario, and Anthony

Family picture with Mario's parents, Ben and Rose Mammina
(they are on the top left)
Thanks for the pictures, Mrs. Rose!

Big Family picture!

Finally James falls asleep in Justin's arms amidst all the noise.

Back at the Bellican house to watch Josh and Michelle open gifts.
(Can you see James trying to put his paci back in his mouth? It always ends up backwards :)

Making James laugh is one of our favorite new things!

Dad always steps in and helps me out with James.
Thanks Dad!

Me and my sweet baby

OK, one of my favorite pictures!!
My mom got James and my sister's son, Anthony, a set of Halloween Pjs!
They are glow in the dark skeletons!
I can't tell you how many pictures we took of these two kiddos before we got them both looking forward and smiling!

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  1. Great pictures. Oh my gosh - the skeleton one is just darling!!! Great blog, Mandy