Friday, April 9, 2010

13.1 miles

On March 21st, Justin and I ran our first half marathon! We weren't able to keep up with the training as well as we had intended, but we were still happy with our results. The weather was pretty awful for running. It was in the low 5o's and it rained the entire time we were running. It was well worth it, though, because we both achieved our goal of completing a half marathon!

Justin finished 17th in the male 25-29 division in 1:52:12
When asked if he will do this again,
"Only if I have a mid-life crisis!"

Mandy finished 35th in the female 25-29 division in 2:08:49
When asked if she will do this again,
"Do you think I can do the Nashville half next month?"

Our good friend, Travis, also ran the half. He did GREAT and is always training for triathlons or duathlons in addition to road races.


  1. Wow - don't remember that you had to run it in the rain! UGH. I think ya'll should come to Nashville and do the music city marathon - and stay with us!!!!

  2. Wow. That looks absolutely MISERABLE!!! But, I'm so proud of ya'll! Way to go with the running...I'm so impressed!