Saturday, April 3, 2010

James is 10 Months!

James is now 10 months old and is beginning to do some crazy, silly, and sweet things! He loves giving kisses on your face. He hums when he hears music or singing (or when he is in the swing). He flies up the stairs and then attempts going down face first. He crawls with one knee and the other foot. And so on.... He is losing his baby look more and more every week. Here are some pictures to show you what else he is up to.

10 months
16 lbs 1 oz
(not on the chart because he is so little)

I tried to get a picture of his hair after he put bananas in it.
He is finally experimenting with more table food. He has tried banana chunks, cantaloupe, strawberries, white beans, kidney beans, green peas, cheese, bagel with cream cheese, sweet potato chunks, carrot chunks, green beans, yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc. Some things he likes, some he does not!

James gets into all the cabinets, so Justin put locks on a few of them.
James is his little helper.

He loves playing, "Where is James?" under the table.

He sits in his room for like 15 mins by himself just "reading" his books.
So sweet!

He LOVES to pull things out of the fridge.

His new favorite thing is to climb on EVERYTHING!
The fridge...

His toy bin...


His Noah and the Ark toy
("There are more shelves up there?")

He absolutely loves to swing!

He has thrown some major temper tantrums when I let Kramer go outside and not him. He is definitely going to be an outdoor kid.

He tries to take Kramer's bones all the time.

Ha..Got it!

Helping mommy with the laundry

He is interested in hats and glasses

Playing daddy's game of being tossed in the air!

And James also loves Kramer's bed. He crawls over it as fast as he can and then plops his body and face into it! So fun!

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  1. Love the blog. Love the black and white pix on the swing. Think he'll be climbing in your dryer before you know it! So great to see you on Friday. Love you all