Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day

What a joy it is to be a mom. Yes, I am tired quite often, and I lose my mind as easily as I lose my keys. But I was meant to be a mom, and I'd say there is no greater gift from God. James is such a blessing to our family. He brings so much happiness and laughter. And I am slowly understanding a little more what God feels like so often with us as his children (joy, sadness, disappointment, unconditional love, etc). I love learning how to be a better mom every day, and I pray that God helps me to be a mommy that HE is proud of!

Happy Mother's Day!

Always so silly

We couldn't get James to stay still

My parents and sister and brother in law came to my house to celebrate Mother's Day. We had such a good time visiting all together.
My mom, me, my son :)

Papa, Meme, and James

Josh, Michelle, and James

Thanks, Josh, for giving Kramer some much needed attention!

Meme playing with James

James gave Papa the biggest hug!

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  1. Love these pictures!!! Happy Mother's Day to you - you are a wonderful Mommy already!!!!