Saturday, September 17, 2011

James 2nd Birthday

Ok, so in our little family of four, we have three birthdays that fall in the SAME WEEK! Justin's birthday is May 25th. Reese's birthday is May 27th. And James' birthday is May 28. It will be interesting to see how we handle this from year to year!
About a week after Reese came home from the hospital, we had James' 2 year Birthday Party.(Only a couple weeks late...sorry James! And Justin didn't even have a chance this year!) We just had over any family and friends who could come last minute and just hang out and play ;) I didn't have much time or energy to plan, but I figured the best party for James was one where he was playing with cousins and friends that wasn't too hard to swing! We all had so much fun.

James' Thomas the Train cake
(thanks Meme, for making the yummy butter cream icing!)

Anthony, Lucas, and James play in the whale pool!

Best friend, Taylor, joins in on the fun.

Taylor's brother, Law, just hanging out ;)

Lucas loved the slip in slide!

Grandad enjoying some sweet moments with Reese

Time for presents! James got Thomas the Train pjs....

money (which he was very proud of!)...

a drum set....


And so many more great gifts! Thanks everyone!

Picture with my sweet sisters

Picture with my best friend. TTFN!

And picture with my sweet husband. This day was actually June 11th, our 6th anniversary! Love you Justin. Oh, and for the record, for Justin's birthday, I did have him some birthday gifts and an oreo icecream cake! And my family got him some gift cards to home depot so he could get a new grill cover too! So he wasn't too left out on his birthday ;)

So tired after a long, fun-filled day!


  1. Growing up we had 5 birthdays within 10 days. My brother and I were 7 days apart. We always had separate friend parties and then celebrated with the family and other 3 birthdays together. I think it was easier b/c. Were boy and girl instead of both girls. Happy late birthday James!

  2. Great post, Mandy!!! Somehow my kids are all born in different seasons, so I don't have the back-to-back planning. I love the cake idea and plan to steal it if that is ok! B is turning 3 and getting a train, so I'd love to make that cake!! I'll send you a pic. S