Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bellican Gatlinburg Vacation (part 2)

On our Gatlinburg vacation we tried to have a balance of relaxing and also going out and having fun! We managed to squeeze in quite a few outings and had a blast with the kids.

Started off at the Aquarium

Justin and James look like they are INSIDE the tank with the fish! Funny :)

James the scuba diver!

Cousin Anthony's turn

The boys LOVED these creepy crawly underwater things.

This was our favorite....it was so cool. The picture doesn't do it justice. God is an unbelievable Artist and Creator.

Looking at some fish.

Then we went to Splash Country!
Josh and Michelle just hanging out.

James had so much fun

Daddy taking james down the slide!


Aunt Michelle's turn to take James down the slide!

Splashing around in the water

Reese slept like a doll :)

Papa was on baby duty! Thanks Papa!

Little Angel :)

Oh so sweet!

We also made it to Ober Gatlinburg!
We rode the chair lift up the mountain. Reese slept in my sling :)

We took the Alpine Slide down the mountain!
(Well, Reese didn't!)
I had control of how fast we went down, and I felt like I was flying. Justin informed me later that I was going slow! Haha.

The boys got to ride a train!

I think James could have stayed in the train the whole time we were there.

Justin took James down the water slide in Ober Gatlinburg!
I was surprised that James was not fearful ;)

Aunt Mel walking with James

There was also a carousel!

The boys got to ride it on the way out.

We tried to get a big family picture before we left Gatlinburg. It was hilarious trying to get everyone to cooperate.
Justin has to chase James down.

Now everyone is doing something funny with their hands...

Lucas had to be chased, and James is trying to get loose.

Justin's face says it all here!

How did James get a stick??

The fam is standing a little too far away from each other, but we are getting close to a better picture!

Ta Da! I think we have a winner!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bellican Gatlinburg Vacation (part 1)

In mid-July, we went on a Bellican family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. It was so nice to just get away, and relax, and spend some quality time with the family. And, it was Reese's first trip!

I wish I had pictures of our EXTREMELY STEEP hill we had to drive up to get to the cabin. I seriously felt like I was on the steep climb of a roller coaster. It took me awhile to get the courage up to drive it myself!

Our beautiful cabin with an incredible view.

Living Room
(the couches had just been cleaned, so the seat cushions are drying)


What the bedrooms looked like

Theatre Room!


Game Room

Some pretty views that we got to see every day:

We also got to see some wild life right outside the cabin.
Some turkeys...

At one point, Justin was outside and came running inside looking frantically for the camera. He kept saying, "I see a BEAR!...It's right outside near the driveway!"


seriously so close to us!

That's one cool little black cub.
We didn't dare go near it, but it sure didn't seem to be bothered by us :)

Me and Reese

Sweet Melanie and Lucas

All the grandkids!
James, Anthony, Lucas, and Reese!

Rockin' on the porch

Justin reads early in the morning to the boys.

James slept on the pull-out bed in the middle of the game room, and Anthony slept in the bed room right next door. After Anthony woke up from his nap, he would go wake up James and sit in the bed and they would just read together and talk about the story. It was the cutest thing!

Best Buds!

Reese was just a doll ;)
(still sleeping a lot!)

Papa watches the boys, and they hang out in the theatre room.

Sweet Boys before bed time. All washed up, got their lovies, and now ready to read some stories! Matching jammies too! Thanks Meme!