Tuesday, August 3, 2010

14 Months!

I still have several events from June to post, but I am taking a quick break to celebrate another month in James life :)

I am not sure when you stop saying how old your child is in "months" and just start saying, "He's ____ years old".  But right now, my sweet baby is 14 months!

14 months and hopefully we have hit 20 lbs.
This is our first month to NOT go to the doctor for a weigh in!!  woohooo!
I love how he is crossing his legs in this picture :)


Here is James being hilarious.  He thinks he is pretty funny.
(notice the different shirt... this is what I had him in at first to take his 14 month picture, then I looked back at his 13 mo pose, and this is the exact outfit he was wearing then! oops.... guess mommy really likes this shirt.  So in the above pictures we have a different shirt on)

Haha.. you can see teeth, tonsils, gums... just about everything in his mouth.  James is finally getting another tooth on top.  This one is #5.

James LOVES watching daddy cut the yard.  He watches out the window the entire time.  Notice Kramer likes watching too.  They are such good buddies.  James has been hugging Kramer around the neck soooo tightly.  It's the sweetest thing.

I love this pic bc James is on his tip toes :)

He still loves reading and loves his little blue chair.

James in the big red chair at Starbucks

Some other 14 month things: 

*He is trying to drop his first nap and transitioning to one afternoon nap
*He is still in his rear facing infant seat (poor thing)... waiting one more month for weigh in
*He is finally signing the word "please"
*He is walking much more comfortably and trying to "run" occasionally :)

Below is a video of James playing with his 2 yr old cousin Anthony.  If you haven't seen James walking, here is some good footage.  (he is still walking like frankenstein here! ha)


  1. Rachel Hammons told me the other day that little kids walking around looks like drunken midgets and I will never forget that! It really cracks me up. James is growing up!!

  2. Oh Mandy - he's sooo cute. I love the walking video - so hard to believe he's that big. Glad he's growing and putting on a little weight - can't wait to turn that car seat around!!!