Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Father's Day in Nashville

Justin, James, and I were in Nashville on Father's Day weekend.  We went to church and then spent some good family time with Nonie and Pops.  Below are some pictures from that weekend.

But first, I just have to say that Justin is such an incredible father.  He loves spending time with James.  He is so hands on and always willing to help me out with him.  He has changed a million diapers (some pretty bad ones at that), helped me through some late nights and early mornings, is learning how to lovingly discpline, and puts James to bed just about every night (puts pjs on, reads several stories, bottle, and prayer).  One of my favorite things to do is just watch Justin play with James.  They play so hard and the room just fills with giggles.  God sure did know what I needed in a husband... a husband that was this kind of father to my children. :)

Thanks to Justin's dad, Pops, too.  Justin sure did have a great example of a dad to look up to and learn from.  I am sure that so many things that I love about Justin, he learned from you, Pops.

Father and son

Love this silly face

One of my favorite pictures ever!!!

Pops, Justin, and James

Pops with James :)

Great pic!

Sweet family picture

James eating fresh peas from the garden

Being silly with Nonie

Hanging out in the yard

James plays with Kramer

More Father's Day in Memphis to come......


  1. Great pics!!! Justin's dad is so cute!!!

  2. Mandy, these are just amazing pictures. The ones of Justin & James are awesome. So sweet - all of them.

  3. Great pictures Mandy!! I will be the first to admit that my brother has surprised me and turned out to be a wonderful husband and daddy! No more bumming on the couch all day! He's a jewel! :)