Monday, December 13, 2010


Ok, so here I am again, VERY behind on blogging. But my plan is to catch up before Christmas! So get ready for blogs coming quickly!

My sister, Melanie, invited us to Texas to spend halloween with their family. Justin still had to stay back and work, but my mom came with James and me.

James did great during the 7+ hour road trip (with the help of Mimi).
On the way there, he slept about 2 hours.
On the way back he slept over 3 hours!

We stopped to get lunch and found a pretty spot to take some pics.

When we got to Mel's house, we noticed their big, beautiful playground in their back yard!

James loved this spot. Just hanging out with his cousin, Anthony.

And if anyone knows me, I think I handled myself well seeing how high up they were!

James was such a big boy, climbing up the stairs by himself.

He loved sliding down the slide, but usually went down backwards on his tummy. :)

We decided to carve pumpkins! James loved helping Aunt Melanie.
I think he was "stirring a pot".

Isn't little Lucas just the cutest thing ever?!!!

Loved hanging out with my twin sis. :)
Miss you Mel!

So what do you do when you totally cut the main piece out of your design on accident?

Add two eyes and make a scary face :)
Oh well.

Look at my little "Bob the Builder!"

Meme walked the boys through the church parking lot for a night of fun playing games.

James loves to throw balls so he participated in the "throw the baseball" game.
He did great. Can you see the moving image of the ball? It's kind of transparent.

Anthony loves baseball, so he did this game!

What cute cousins

Trying to get all the boys in a costume picture before we went trick or treating!
We had to sing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" to get them all to look and smile!

James participated so much better than I thought he would. I think it was because he wanted to go up and down everyone's stairs!

Getting more candy. He even said, "dank du" (thank you) a few times without me prompting him!

Enjoying a lollipop while staring at a scary costume.

Twin pic again!

Gotta get a tickle game in!
Poor Lucas, of course he was the victim.

Picture of boys before we left

"Can you boys hug each other?"

Meme with her three grandsons :)

Melanie with her two boys :)

Mandy and James

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