Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bellican Thanksgiving/Christmas in November

In November, we stayed in Memphis to spend Thanksgiving with the Bellicans (Mandy's family). My sister, Melanie, and her family would be coming in town. Also, my aunt and cousin were driving in as well! And with the whole family in town, you can't just have Thanksgiving. You gotta have an early Christmas too!

I don't have many pictures of the family from Thanksgiving day (I am not sure why??).
But I do have lots of pictures of James playing with his cousin, Anthony.
Here is James pushing Anthony around in a doll stroller.

When James got tired of pushing, he just chased Anthony around!

Looking out the window for family arriving!

Playing on the keyboard together

James loved watching Papa as he made the fire.

Well, that was Thanksgiving. Now for Christmas in November, two days later!

Cousin, Lucas, and James follow the Bellican tradition of waiting on the stairs before going downstairs to see what Santa brought!

Anthony joins them!

Wow! Santa brought the big boys shopping carts full of groceries!

James also got a huge amount of play-doh!

As Justin snacked on chips and ranch, he found out that someone else loved ranch too!

Just look at this face ;)

James was worn out by that afternoon.

After James got his nap, he found Papa needed a nap too!

My sister, Mel, and her sweet kiddos

Gotta get a twin picture :)

Going for a wagon ride!

Papa spends some time with the boys outside.

Anthony and James have some more fun together, spinning in Papa's chair.

The guys hang out and play the wii.

Melanie and Mario

Christmas in November family picture!

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  1. Great pictures. Glad you got at least a few with adults in them!! :-) Darn, you're ahead of me now on blogging - that's bad, huh??? Love you!