Monday, August 23, 2010

Playing with friends

Well, I have one more trip to post from the summer, but before I do...
Here are some pictures from this summer of James playing with some of his friends!

Playing with Parker at the coolest park in Collierville!

This kid could stay here all day!

Water even comes up from the ground!

Snack time break with Parker :)

James plays at the ECS football game with another good friend, Hudson.
Both are watching their daddies coach!

James with his favorite neighborhood buddy, Taylor!
They played in the tumbling gym across our street. So much fun!

My good friend Amber, and Taylor's brother, Law.

Isn't he a sweetie!

James LOVED playing in the blow up playground.

He even found a mat to take a rest on :)

I had some great videos to show you, but for some reason, I can't get them to upload. Sorry!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lake Weekend 2010 (part 2)

We had fun even when we were not on the water...

Rebecca  relaxes with Kramer

The big girls

The little girls (wow...they are not so little any more)

Christian and Cassie playing an intense game of ping pong

Justin and Cassie battle it out

The tiny ones playing so well together

Back on the water again!
Tim with his girls on the jet ski.

Another round of tubing.
Uncle Justin and Rebecca


We decided to take James for a ride thinking he would love it!
Can you see his face??
What do you think?

We think James was bored.
His expression never changes.
Going a little faster....

Now over a wave!
Nope, no smile.

Whoaa...bigger wave

Oh well.  At least we can get a cute family picture out of it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lake Weekend 2010 (part 1)

In June, we went to the Warren's lake house for a weekend of fun!
Here are some of our pictures (we always take millions!)

When I first get on the tube, I always think, "this isn't bad".

Then Uncle Matthew (our awesome boat driver) picks it up a bit.

Then Uncle Matthew kicks it into high gear and Justin and I have to start hanging on for dear life!  As you can see by my expression....I am in tremendous fear!

Haha...I was thinking at this point, "We are going to hit the water, we are going to hit the water... just hang on... should I let go??", and it was like we were up in the air forever!!!

Needless to say...

We couldn't quite hang on

The girls..Anna Blair and Rebecca

The boys with Uncle Justin (Caleb and Christian)

I think they had enough

The girls with me

Rebecca ended up trying to hang on and did a handstand in the process!


All the kiddos together

Aunt Cassie with the girls

Aunt Cassie and Aunt Katie
(sister ride!)

Justin and I go again

Hang on!

Hang on!

Help!!!  Justin is saying... "you can do it Mandy!!"... "HANG ON!"
And sure enough!  We stayed on that one!

Justin with Kramer and James :)
(James loved the water)

Uncle Matthew does his impressive back flip

Nonie and Pops

Aunt Cassie with Uncle Tim

Such sweet girls
(Cousins Ruth and Julianna)

Sister-in-laws with the babies :)

Daddy and James being silly
(The older cousins taught James how to stick out his tongue!)

To be continued....