Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas in Franklin 2010 (part 1)

We went to Franklin for Christmas this year to spend time with Justin's family. We had such a great time, like we always do. It was fun to see James interact more with the cousins. He sure does look up to them! Thanks Nonie and Pops for letting us stay with you guys. We always feel so welcome. Especially thank you for letting us bring Kramer!

Some of the first pictures below may not be from Christmas, and if not, they are not from too much earlier.

Playing with Pops on the playground :)

Hanging out with cousins Leah and Josiah

James swings with sweet Lydia

Nonie and Pops helped James when he wanted to let Belle lick his hand.

James did this again and again

Love riding with Papa up the stairs!

Showing off some Christmas spirit :)

Relaxing with Kramer

Boy I can't say it enough. Kramer is a good dog!

More Christmas spirit!

Now Nonie takes James for another ride!

The family was all sitting around the dinner table and James was downstairs playing, when all of a sudden, we all hear a door open. James figured out how to open the back door, and he had just let himself out! We were all cracking up!


  1. Now I know more fun things to do at Nonie's besides swim...maybe she can take me up the stairs next summer. By the way, our cat is like Kramer...he lets my girls push him in a baby stroller all over the house. I always think, "I just can't believe what that cat puts up with!"

  2. Great pictures - of course I hadn't seen any of these. I love how so many of the kids have loved Papa's chair! It's certainly fun. Great post!